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Defective Vehicle Height Sensor May Deactivate Air Suspension on Land Rover LR3

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A failed vehicle height sensor can cause deactivation of the air suspension.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 100,040 (45,000–140,000)
5 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009
51 people reported this problem
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Defective vehicle height sensors deactiveate air suspension. indicator light and message to not exceed 30km per hour. expensive to repair!!!
Suspension light is on, and can not use to turn it down or up . still driving good but dont know why is this failure?
Suspension light on (car with arrows arching over car and below yellow car. System information says Suspension Fault, not able to raise or lower car.

Last time this light came on (a little over a year ago) the Land Rover Dealer told me the air suspension system was clogged..or some thing along those lines....Replacing this was around 2k.
this light has been on for a while I can use the lift and decline once I turn the car off but when I start to drive it happens again
HDC Suspension light on yellow than goes red after hitting 30mph, truck lowers all the way and will not raise. Special programs turned off. Had took to shop15 times till a friend of mine contacted landrover in the UK and they stated it was the front height sensors and one is analog and the other is digital so you have to replace both of them and program them. Error fixed.
changed the compressor to new, was cleared and now doing the same. At a stop ñight, it's always adjusting height.
Vehicle Height Sensor light has been on for months. My service guy put new tires on and could not do the alignment due to this problem. He said I have to go to the dealer. Going to watch tire wear at oil change and watch. These sensor lights can drive you crazy! Also, my gas gauge is broken and to fix is $350, so I just fill up every 325 miles, no problem.
Shortly after we bought the two years ago the problem started. The dealer said it was the air compressor,but the compressor is working.
As soon as car is started, amber light comes on saying suspension fault. Once I hit 25mph light turns red and says suspension fault do not exceed 30 mph. Once I stop at a light the warning goes back to amber and comes back on at 25 mph. Compressor was recently replaced along with an air leak, radiator, radiator hose, and water pump. The car looks tilted, back end higher than the front.