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The Upper Dash May Crack on Chevrolet Avalanche

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The upper dash may crack, most commonly on vehicles in warm climates and exposed to a lot of sunlight. The common repair is to replace the upper instrument trim panel. Information on a technical service bulletin or extended warranty is not available at this time.

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Chevrolet Avalanche Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 69,162 (15,000–185,000)
7 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2011, 2012, 2013
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I have similar crack on the passenger side dash forward of airbag...not happy, I have taken all precaution to protect the dash by installing sun shield when parked outside. We purchased this vehicle new in 2007, problems we have had are two brake switch replacement and fuel pressure regulator. Otherwise, vehicle have performed well. Cheap plastics could be upgraded.
Well guess what! Mine 2007 Avalanche has the same damn issue. Mine cracked on the drivers side right by the instrument 'hump'!! It just keeps growing and growing looks nasty :( im very unhappy. I also have one by the airbag-that one is still small. I put a call in to my service guy at Chevy, hopefully he will help but from reading all the comments doesn't look good. I have seen multiple pictures and youtube videos of the SAME EXACT cracks, in the SAME EXACT places. If this doesn't constitute a manufacturer defect, than I don't know what does!!!
What if we all got together and did a petition do you think we can get GM to honor fixing this issue???!!!
It appears that my dash cracked in the same spot that the others have reported. At first it wasn't that noticeable...but then it just continued to grow. I am looking for a solution/fix to this problem. My Avalanche has been a great vehicle!!! However, this was disappointing in is not something that you want to see everyday in your vehicle.
Worse than how bad this looks is how it sounds! The rattleing is driving me nuts! And the cracks are growing. I'm currently looking for a way to recover rather than repair because this is obviously an inferior material and it will just keep happening.
I just bought a 2007 Avalanche and found it has a large crack over the instrument panel. It seems to me that GM does not want a recall for a manufacture defect. It appears on the Tahoe and GMC Yukons as well, same cracks.
Cracked Dashboard in two spots - passenger and drivers side. This is a well reported problem that GM should correct as a manufacturers defect
my dash board is cracked in three places.....first cracked occured over the passenger side airbag. the second and third happened about three months later on either side of the hump over the gadges
2008 avalanche LTZ 50.000 dollar truck and my dash board is cracked in three places.....first cracked occured over the passenger side airbag. the second and third happened about one months later on either side of the hump over the gadges
I called GM and they said is not a recall and the price for a new one is 650.. Plus labor.. 534 more... Lest get all together for this issue..we pay to much for nothing...
I have a black dashboard and it's cracking in two spots by the passenger air bag up to the defroster vent and in one spot on the driver side round hump in the dashboard by the steering wheel up to the defroster vent. My brother also has a 2007 Avalanche with a black dashboard and has 2 cracks in his, one on the driver side and one on the passanger side in the same locations as my cracks.
Hey guys, here's an edited transcript of my communications with Chevy Customer Service on :

~Hello! I just purchased an Av from back east which should arrive within a week. It has the famous dash crack that thousands have complained about. Since I have not actually had my hands on it, I don't know if the handles are peeling, too, or not. It appears that you are able to get this taken care of. How much out-of-pocket does that require?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi Tony,
Thank you for reaching out to us about your arriving vehicle. We cannot guarantee the amount of cost assistance you will be offered towards this repair, but we will see what options are available to you. Can you please also send us the name of the selling dealership so we can work on building a case for you within our system?
Thank you
Amber N.
Chevrolet Customer Care

~ *information submitted*

I've started a case for you within our system for your cracked dash. For your reference, your case number is 71-1227220736. I have sent your case to your District Specialist. They are in the best position to help resolve this issue for you. They will reach out to within the next 1-2 business days about this situation. If there is anything else I can help with, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Amber N.
Chevrolet Customer Care

~Thank you!

Not a problem! You're very welcome. I've also just checked on your case, and your specialist is scheduled a call for Monday, Sept 23rd around 3pm. Please let me know if you do not hear from them. Have a great weekend!
Amber N.
Chevrolet Customer Care

~Received a call from them today, actually. I returned their call and left a message. I'll let ya know if they don't get back with me.
As for having a good weekend, I go back to work every Saturday.... but I'll try. Hope your's is good.

Wow! That was speedy! But definitely understand working on the weekends-- we're here everyday! But thanks and please keep us posted.
Amber N.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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I hope this goes well. I'll try to keep ya update on how it goes. In the meantime, you may feel inclined to browse here to see outcomes and other's experiances regarding this very issue, as well as several posts by "Chevrolet Customer Service".

As mentioned, I was indeed contacted by an official rep, returned their call and they called back (though again, when I was at work.) Hopefully we'll eventually actually speak to one another. I'll let ya know...

Hope this helps.
Had the same cracking above the passenger side air bag and the instrument panel "hump". Local Chevy dealer wanted $1,500 to replace (parts/labor). Contacted Chevrolet customer service, they had me take the vehicle back to the dealer for an "evaluation" and they replaced for $250 labor (no cost of the dashboard itself) but did not acknowledge this as a manufacturer's defect. I was happy with the $250 replacement.
I have only owned my 2007 avalanche less than a year and within the last month my black dash has also cracked on the drivers side and passanger side. I am really surprised that GM refuses to accept this as a manufacture defect and are made from inferior material.
2 large cracks on drivers side and one near the top center of the passenger above airbag! NO WAY this is just cosmetic and caused by heat! had a 1975 corolla with black dash and not one crack in it!
Upper dash cracked at passenger side airbag. Chevy dealer replaced the dash today. Apparently GM is aware of problem but not admitting to substandard construction or inferior material used in the construction of the dash. Not the subject of a recall, but could pose a very serious problem if airbag is damaged during deployment or damaged from a "homemade fix". Not something to mess around with, should be repaired immediately.
I have a 2007 Avalanche with the same crack by the passenger airbag, my sister in law has a 2007 gmc yukon xl and has cracks on her dash also
I am having the same problem with multiple dashboard cracks. Two occured on the upper left corner around the passenger airbag and a third has occurred just to the left side of the "hump" on the driver side. At this point, none of the cracks have been fixed and one on the driver side is getting worse.