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Damaged Seat Adjuster Assembly May Cause Noise/Rocking Movement on Nissan Murano

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A damaged or broken seat adjuster assembly on the seat bottom can cause the seat to rock back and forth and possibly squeak. It can also cause the seat to not adjust forward or backward, or up and down.

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Nissan Murano Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 81,385 (20,000–186,000)
7 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2009, 2010
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Both sides of the drivers side seat rocks back and forth when braking or speeding up. I think the gears in the seat are worn out. Went into Nissan and was quoted $1500 to fix, I have been looking online and see DIY with new gears but from looking at my Murano I do not think they have the parts for 2009. If they do it "should" take 2 hours to fix and $130 for the parts. Just upset that everyone is having this problem and Nissan will not order a recall and fix the problem.
Seat will not move forward or back. It tries but acts like something is stuck in one of the rails.....nothing there.
My seat moves a little when I hit the breaks. I thought maybe it was a bolt that needed to be tightened. Now I know that's not the case. Just one more thing I need to look forward to with this vehicle. I will never buy another nissan for as long as I live. I have had so many problems.
seat off track. nissan wants 1500.00 to fix a KNOWN problem since 05! i thought nissan prided itself on consumer satisfaction. hmmmm guess not so much eh?
Driver's side seat will not move forward/backward properly. It feels like it is off its track. Haven't gotten an estimate but sounds like it is way more than I am willing to pay for the fix.
Same problem as all these other complaints. My wife said her seat was "rocking"....,"like a bolt was loose or something". I looked and found a broken mounting bracket (part of the frame that connects seat to the floor rails. The metal bracket was broken in half! It looked to be a thin gauge and unsubstantial to take the strain of even an average weight person getting in & out of the seat hundreds or thousands of times over the life of the car. It broke about two years ago, when the SUV was only 7 years old. I found the part to replace this online, and was ridiculously expense, at least 1,100.00 if I recall. I contacted Nissan about this and they said it was not a recall issue. Seems like a load of crap to me. Bean Counters probably advised Nissan it would be too costly (no wonder!!). This is a lawsuit waiting to happen, especially when somebody gets thrown through their windshield. Fortunately I have a friend that is a mechanic. With some basic tools and some free help from a friend that can weld, we fashioned a splint from some angle iron and welded this against the old broken bracket, stronger than before. Only worried that eventually the other side will need to be done. Cost, only the gas to get to is shop.
Driver's side seat Bracket broke, while I was driving. It slanted suddenly. I had to replace that part, because the broken part is too thin to be welded again. Bought replacement part (120.00) on e-bay and had an upholstery guy do it for me.
Seat suddenly stopped moving forward on one side only. There is nothing in the rail, but it's like the right side is stuck. Dealer wants $1500 to fix it.
The drivers seat rocks and feels loose on the left side of seat. It's very dangerous when turning a turn, due to the movement of the seat. A very large repair estimate.
had the unit replaced two years ago and if failed again. Dealer said too bad. will replace for $1200.00 again.
Fell into a pot hole and seat broke, went to the dealer and they told me the seat box was broken and that it was going to cost $1,000 to fix it. Took it to a collision repair shop and they charged me under $100.00 to fix the problem. Extremely disappointed with Nissan!!!!
Driver's seat suddenly stopped going back and forth-left side wants to move and does but right side seems stuck and causes the seat to turn inward. Now my "automatic" setting for my driving options is off. Nissan dealer wants $1500 to fix.
Haven't repaired it yet as I'm waiting to find out if Nissan will cover some or all of the cost.

Rear left weld broke on the seat frame.
The seat will not adjust correctly. When I attempt to adhust the seat higher, the left side tends to not work, causing me to lean to the left.
My drivers seat all of a sudden starting wobbling and rocking back and forth when I am driving. Especially around turns.
Driver seat is broke nissan should issue a recall before someone get seriously hurt because the seat is almost detached from the floor of the car