Lexus SC430 Problem Report

Lexus SC430 Creaking Type Noise From Front Suspension

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A creaking type noise may develop from the front suspension when driving over uneven road surfaces. Our technicians recommend inspection of the front sway bar bushings for deterioration and related hardware for correct tightness.

I hear a clanking noise, particularly when first driving, whenever I roll slowly and put on the brakes. I have been told it is the sway bar bushings. I believe that both front sway bars have to be replaced and that the bushings cannot simply be pressed out with new ones replaced. They aren't all that expensive, but I've been quoted $660 to have them done including labor and parts. The parts can be purchased for about $318 (two new sway bars with bushings installed, including tax and shipping). I am wondering how difficult it is to do this work myself with the car on jack stands. -
Its the castor arms aka #2 lower control arms -
Dealer never addressed the creaking problem correctly. The creak perists, but is tolerable. -
Same problem -
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