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Corrosion of the Fuel Tank Harness Due to Water Leak on Buick Rendezvous

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Corrosion at the fuel tank to body harness may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate or a crank no start condition. This corrosion issue is most commonly caused by a water leak inside the vehicle. Any damaged wiring or connectors will require replacement.

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Buick Rendezvous Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 135,289 (45,000–308,000)
5 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006
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check engine light is on due to corrosion on the wiring from underneath the driver side floor board leading to the fuel tank and or harness.
Haven't fixed it yet, but water came out of the connector when I took it apart. Currently will crank but no start.
Bought a new fuel pump bc this problem presents as that. But it was just the wiring harness, which you cannot buy from the dealership. They will sell you the plastic connector box, but not the electrical terminals needed inside. So thats worthless. So we just bypassed that terminal with a new wire, problem solved. Wish i had known that before putting the new pump in the tank!
low fuel light began coming on even though i hasd gass, and then it cut off in route because of no power to the fuelpump
Vehicle shut off while driving on a major interstate which was under construction. Towed to dealership and they found corrosion on the wiring beneath car on drivers side. One week later had same problem but was able to drive it to the dealership. After 3 days they "weren't" able to replicate problem. I refused to retrieve the car as the first episode almost cost me my life as well as my children and grandchild. They discovered that the corrosion affected the entire wire harness from the drivers side to under the fuel tank. This solved that particular problem, though numerous other problems exist with this vehicle. ie 9 wheel bearing assemblies and counting!!
Check engine light on error code for canister purge valve checked harness connection coroded bad. Electric pins in connector coroded off. Cause off problem comes from water coming up through connector from under vehicle. Connector not sealed from the elements of driving down the road. A little rubber silicone installed in connector at time of manufacture will cure this problem. Also had 2001 Chevy venture van. Same setup also same problem. I fixed it by cutting out harness connection and making my own sealed up connectors.
My problem has not been resolved yet it is being work on now having a hard time finding the wire,