GMC Envoy Problem Report

GMC Envoy Check Engine Light and/or Excessive Fan Noise

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The cooling fan clutch may fail causing excessive fan noise and/or the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Fan Clutch will fail, causing the cooling fan to be locked on. This results in loss of engine power, reduced fuel mileage, and a sound like there is a jet engine under the hood when accelerating. If you accelerate too hard it will set a check engine light condition for excessive fan speed. -
Radiator fan runs very fast and very loud when I step on the gas with low power. -
Have had this problem off and on. It stopped working but then restarted working. One mechanic said it wouldn't really cause any problems. Cost to fix now 261.00 for part + labor. -
Fan clutch failure. Replacement of the fan clutch was $750. -
Check engine light after taking 4 hour round trip. Too costly to fix... $900 plus tax -
clutch cooling fan runs constantly causing check engine light to come on,had it checked at auto zone,came up three possibilities,short circuit,faulty cooling fan relay or the fan clutch -
My 2008 GMC Envoy only has 63,000 miles and it's making a loud engine noise. We thought it was the alternator and changed that and it made no difference in the sound. After reviewing this site, it sounds like the cooling fan clutch. I am pretty disappointed that GMC did not do a recall on this. Sound like many people with earlier model Envoys have had the same problem. Why did GMC keep using the same crappy cooling fan clutch!!!!! -
Hayden Fan Clutch Thermal Fan Clutch went out causing water pump to go out. Had to replace Fan Clutch and water pump. -
Cooling Fan Clutch when out, it cost 1,300 for repairs! -
Is the code for this problem P1484 -
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