Chevrolet Trailblazer Problem Report

Chevrolet Trailblazer Check Engine Light and/or Excessive Fan Noise

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The cooling fan clutch may fail causing excessive fan noise and/or the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

I fixed both issues by cleaning the electric clutch connector on top of the radiator -
There is a loud humming noise from under hood-- shakes and vibrates when started up and at stoplights... transmission feels like it was slipping, would go to 3,000-3,500 rpms before shifting gears, terrible gas millage-- Found out it was the electronic clutch fan-- dealership wanted $400 for part, with 3 hours for labor, found the part at autozone for $199, saved a couple hundred bucks---vehicle runs alot better and gas millage has gotten alot better -
One day I noticed a loud whining noise from my under my hood while accelerating. At first I thought my transmission or motor was acting up, I got scared. A few days later, my check engine light came on. I took it to a car parts store to get the engine light scanned and the codes indicated was pump motor circuit open and fan high speed. I have not fixed this problem yet, just researching some sites to see what this problem could be but it looks to me that the fan clutch is or went bad. Any suggestions? -
bought new clutch fan at autozone for $200. installed with my son in about 2.5 hrs. dealer wanted $800 for same job. -
while accelerating through the low gears, the engine sounds like it's ready for take off -
It has happened twice in 120,000 miles -
Have replaced the fan clutch twice since buying the vehicle used in 2004. Eventually had to replace the transmission too and suspect it was due to not replacing the fan clutch soon enough and driving it that way too long. -
replacing fan clutch. At the shop right now. $800 at the dealer WOW A friend was visiting last week and has a Honda Accord. 2008 with over 100k miles. He bragged all he's done is oil changes and one set of front brakes.?? It makes me think because I've had several good size repairs on this Trailblazer already. -
Vehicle sounded like an airplane taking off when RPM was increased. Had just had water pump replaced due to bad bearings, making the fan wobble. Less than 100 miles later, fan clutch failed in the "on" position and would not disengage. Had to replace fan clutch at about $450. -
bearings in the water pump went out. now at 165000, fan clutch is going bad. -
fix under warrenty -
Check engine light on and loud noise in rear fan -
No check light on just nose like an Loud fan or something I'm buying my fan clutch off of it's cheaper then autozone -
bought used at 73000 miles. ticking sound when idling. Poor acceleration and gas ,ileage. I will replaced fan clutch and water pump as suggested. -
Chevy should have had a recall on this problem. I have changed this a few times all because the wires are not long enough and the BLUE wire breaks, (right at the connection on the fan) due to vibration. It is always the same wire. The fan then revs when you step on the gas and the eng. light comes on. You can't repair it becauce it breaks right at the rubber connection block. Mine just went again. This model also seems to go through water pumps too. -
Rattling sound on idle & excessive leakage, and can stop the cooling fan by hand while vehicle running -
fan making noise and wobbling -
Loud humming noise that gradually turned into a clinking noise. The entire fan rattles. -
Check engine light, vibrations, poor gas mileage, whirling noise, smells of running hot at times, felt of long shift change, bogged down -
I bought the vehicle 2yrs ago but just recently I've noticed a rubbing noise coming from the cooling fan area.. I toyed with it for a bit and came to the conclusion it was the clutch.. I took it to my local mechanic we both could hear the rubbing/humming sound and went with an oem replacement. It's been 3k miles and so far it hasn't went out yet... -
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