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Coolant Outlet on Lower Intake Maniflod May Leak on Nissan Xterra

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The coolant outlet on the front of the lower intake manifold may develop a coolant leak.

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Nissan Xterra Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 134,571 (12,000–230,000)
Engines affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder, 3.3L V6, 3.3L V6 Supercharged
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2006, 2008
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Around 125-130,000 miles the car started to overheat so I checked the radiator for any coolant and it was extra dry. I then filled it back up with some coolant and water, but about 2 weeks later it overheated again and when I checked the radiator again it was dry. The radiator cap seems to be alright, and after looking this up and finding that Nissan Xterra in the 2000-2006 range have problems with the coolant intake on the lower manifold I believe this to be my problem. What's the best and cheapest way to fix this?
Coolant outlet housing attached to the manifold/block and other side goes to thermostat housing. Leaking from left bolt head on manifold - 2001 Nissan XTerra 3.3L
Appears to be same problem leaking coolant from rear manifold. Trying to figure out how to fix it.
observed antifreeze in the same proximity. In the process of getting it fixed. any suggestions?
Coolant leaking into engine. Not in the oil. Don't know where it is going but getting white smoke at times.
My engine lights keeps coming on after work has performed on vehicle. This will be the 7th time in the last two months the engine light has come on.
I first took my car in to have transmission worked on. Seems the radiator fluid leaked into the transmission. To repair problem a new small fluid box attached to radiator was put on for cooling the transmission. After work was performed my engine light came on twice after work was performed. Returning vehicle for a third time catalytic converter was replaced. Upon receiving car back from having new catalytic converter replaced the light has come 4 times. All readings are indication there is a problem with the catalytic converter. This last time taking vehicle in for service engine light coming on the computer was reprogramed. I have had the vehicle two weeks now and the light again has come on. This will be the 7th or 8th time this light has come on.
I am at wits end as to what to do with this car and the shop that has been working on this vehicle. I will have to say that the company I am taking car too has not charged me a cent since they have worked on my vehicle.
There is a one year warranty on parts and labor.
I am wondering if there was a recall on this computer for a Nissan x-terra 2006.
I have never received anything regarding a recall as I am the orginal owner.
I recently had overheating problems and replace the radiator only to find that the coolant hose to the intake manifold has developed a leak need to swap out that hurts but has radiator fluid dripping and overheating quickly. I can feel the hole in the hose butt I can't see the hole. The drip has turned into a squirt, as the car warms after starting or when I add pressure to it with my finger pressure, and a radiator full of water and cold ,with the vehicle off.
Coolant continues to leak and have had manifold replaced and worked on. Have had radiator replaced twice.
I am amazed my nissan has all these probs. They make it sound like they have never heard any of my complaints