Clicking/Knocking Sound From the Brake Actuator on Lexus LS460

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A clicking or knocking type sound may be noted from the brake actuator when applying the brakes lightly, or if the brake pedal is pressed while the vehicle is stopped. Our technicians tell us a revised brake actuator is available to correct this concern.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 65,028 (189–151,000)
7 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, more2012, 2013, 2015
105 people reported this problem
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A knocking sound is heard from the brake control module/brake actuator when applying brakes, or if the pedal is pressed while the car is stopped. I have been told there was a service bulliten issued 12-2009. Unfortunately may vehicle is out of warranty and currently attempting to get Lexus to do whats right. I have been told the cost of the new revised actuator is approximately $3000.00
Clicking and knocking at a hard stop, actuator or solonoid was first dx, now they say it is a $2300 fix!
I took it in before the warranty expired and got a clean report, now 10000 miles later this problem.
I thought these were dependable cars. My LS 430 was at 106000 WHEN i TRADED IT IN AND NEVER HAD the first problem.
I have this problem. ABS, VSC, and Brake warning lights all on. Driving on expressway and Brake malfunction warning came on while traveling at 70 mph! Very scary. Took car to the mechanic and quoted $3500 to replace hydraulic brake actuator on my '07 Ls 460. Apparently, this is a common problem with these vehicles. So much for Lexus quality!
Actuator replaced. Noticed the beginning of the problem at 13,000 miles and told it was normal. Now at 40,000 miles starting to hear noise again when braking. In to dealership now.
It just makes a clicking noise when brake pedal is depressed hard. I have not fixed it seems not to be a problem
Same here... But haven't taken it in for fear of what they might do to it. Also have the vibration problem. Only started when I switched tires from the Perelli's to the Michelin's.
the pedal feels like i have 120,000 miles on the front rotors the car is driven on the highway most of the time i am shocked, my BMW first set of pads was at 75K, my GL Mercedes at 60K, how can this be?
Car accelerates when I press the Brake pedal slightly. Cruise control does not cut off when Brake applied lightly to slow for aproaching vehicle. The Car is now in the shop but they believe it is the brake actuator
had problem since purchased tap has developed to a knock when engine hot And in drive.. Lexus says it's normal. worse when you are in enclosed places garage etc
All of a sudden, when I pressed on the brakes there was a loud clicking sound as if so,etching was broken. I had the car looked at and at first they said that some sort of spring had popped out from the braking system. Spring was pushed back in and the sound stopped for a moment and then became worst where suddenly I heard a lots of different sounds. And of course my car is out of extended warranty. I am really upset. I thought my car would last a lot longer before having these major problems. I was also told that my upper and lower control arm was going to need to be replaced. I will not be buying anymore cars from Lexus.