Check engine light due to sticking rocker pins on Honda Pilot

Problem Description and Possible Solution
On some models sticking rocker pins in the valve train can cause a loud engine noise, and the Check Engine light (MIL) to come on. Replacing the rocker assemblies is required to repair  this problem.
Problem Data
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Average mileage: 103,459 (32,500–152,000)
6 model years affected: 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010
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As the motor warms up the sound changes from a light tick to a knocking sound.The Honda dealer told me they occasionally have a Honda auto come in with this sound, don't worry about the sound, and to keep driving the car.When and if the sound gets worst they'll pull the motor apart to figure out the problem.This do nothing repair costed me 170.00 dollars,Thanks Honda!!! I would like to know what the proper repair would cost? Thanks, Mike R.
Ref: 2008 Honda Pilot

I was on highway when I accelerated to pass. A severe hesitation occurred, a vibration began I assume from losing compression integrity in a cylinder due to the rocker pin malfunction and lost significant power and could not complete passing the slower vehicle. Fortunately this occurred on an interstate divided four lane instead of a two lane highway which could have put people in a dangerous situation. This may be something USDOT may need to be informed of. I have researched Honda service bulletins (TSB# 07-070 in particular) and they have been aware of this for a while. My 2008 Pilot is at a Honda dealership now being assessed. Judging from the rhetoric from the service writers I get the feeling this dealership is not going to be as accommodating as they should given the severity of this obvious factory flaw. They suggested an engine tear-down when most likely a VCM problem and maybe rocker arm assembly repair/replacement is all that is needed to resolve. My Pilot has been maliciously maintained, oil changes every 3K or every ninety operating days which is standard maintenance protocol for light and medium duty vehicles in most fleets. In my past employment I was a fleet manager for twelve years and have always applied that protocol to my own vehicles as well as Honda’s suggested factory service recommendations. I have always had a great respect for Honda reliability and Honda's founder. In my business I need a highly reliable vehicle. Needless to say with this happening at only 32K miles I am very disappointed and will be reviewing and reconsidering my future resource and asset needs. -GH-
Check engine light came on. Was referred to take it to a repair shop that has been in business for a while. The diagnostic machine tells them its a rocker arm assembly. Repairs cost me $1861.00. Just for the check engine light to come on again 2 1/2 weeks later. Take it back in, they tell me it's sludge build up, take a picture of for me, clean the sludge, tell me to keep a check on it. 3 1/2 weeks later, now they say I need a new motor. I reported this to the regional manager of this company today 02/24/2016. After his investigation, he wants further review from Honda and I am taking it for diagnostics on 02/29/2016. He wants Honda to tell him and myself what/why/who is responsible. I have to kept my 2006 Honda Pilot in great condition, kept oil changed, had hardly any trouble with it until this!!
Search the web for Honda TSB 07-070, "Engine Taps/Raps Loudly When Going Into VCM Mode, or the MIL Comes
On With DTC(s) P0301 Thru P0306", affecting ALL 2006 and SOME 2007 2WD/FWD VCM Pilots.

From the bulletin:

When the engine goes into VCM mode, it makes a
loud tapping or rapping noise. In addition, the MIL may
come on with DTC P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304,
P0305, or P0306 (No. 1 thru No. 6 cylinder misfire

One or more of the rear bank VCM rocker arm pins are

Replace the intake and exhaust rocker arms and all
related parts listed in this service bulletin.

Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty
expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by
the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone
Office. You must request consideration, and get a
decision, before starting work.
sounds like a loud ticking and then knocking sound during acceleration. Once above about 2000 rpm sound goes away. After about 20 minutes of driving check engine, vsa and drive indicator starts flashing. Not fixed yet
I noticed a loud knocking
After taking it to my mechanic for diagnostics, we discovered the MIL comes on with the po301-po06 codes as well aspo300 and poAB6. I have not fix the problem yet. I received a quote for $1800. to replace the intake and exhaust rocker arms and all related parts listed in Honda service bulletin 07-070