check engine light due to secondary air injection pump. on Chevrolet Blazer

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when the check engine light comes on due to a secondary air injection pump code the following has most likely happened. the check valve(s) have failed causing exhaust gas to enter the pump and blow the 30 amp fuse(located under the battery holding tray)the solution is to check the pump with jumper wires to see if it stil works and it should.remove and replace the check valves then replace the 30 amp fuse.reinstall the battery and drive.

I have had this smog pump problem. Be careful as I did nothing with the problem at first and exhaust melted the tubing from pump and then in turn the main wiring harness for the car behind the tubing. Much worse and more time consuming repair.

Replaced the fuse to the left of the battery(have to remove battery to change) and the problem hasn't came back. Its been about a month since this fix, but the car sees very little driving. The fuse is a 30 amp and its under a plastic cover in its own little box.

Engine came on and it was showing smog pump electrical failuare.

I still have not fixed the problem, but I think it is damaging the catylytic converter as well.

Last Wednesday the 12th my blazer started sounding louder then usual so I took it up to my mechanic and he said it could be the smog pump leaking then today the 18th my check engine light came on I haven't checked the codes yet but could the 2 be linked would a smog pump failure throw a code on the vehicle

Have this problem, and will fix it before it smogs this month.