Check Engine Light Due to Oxygen Sensor Failure on Toyota Matrix

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Oxygen sensor failure may occur, resulting in the illumination of the Check Engine Light.



Problem Data
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Average mileage: 110,240 (15,000–210,000)
8 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
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P0133 error code. Had Dealer perform TSB EG017-07. Still had error P0133. Replaced bank 1 oxygen sensor. Still had error P0133. Just found TSB EG045-07, which seems to also apply, but not covered by emissions warranty any longer. Debating what to do...
Engine check light on after oxygen sensor replacement, scan continues to reflect catalytic converter below threshold bank 1 but catalytic was also replaced
Check engine light has turned on during the past three winters only when under 20 degrees always the o2 sensor ? Usually turns off on its own when whether warms up. Now being the fourth winter heck engine light has not turned off and still presenting o2 bank 1. Will install new o2 sensor asap
Engine light comes on frequently but also goes off frequently. Emission inspection failed due to torque Converter clutch circuit performance.
I have very upset. I have a 2006 Toyota Matrix. I had to take it in for repair/examination due to check engine light. Keep in mind I had to take it in to Toyota dealer several years back on a recall matter and the check engine light was on at that time. The codes with regards to the check engine light are as follows: P0741-torque converter solenoid likned to transmission and also P0171-system to lean bank one code. I was told when I took it to a Toyota dealer with online documentation with regards to both codes that they could not take care of it. I am not dealing with a shop and of course they want an arm and a leg in terms of payment. The shop gave me 3 different fees amounts $1100, 1600, 1400. If I merely just replace the torque converter that will cost $1100.00 and the paperwork stated, "this is possibly the problem," that is after a fee of $120.00 to per their add properly diagnoise the transmission problem. At this point I had to get my boyfriend involved. The conversation ended with me having to go with a rebuilt transmission becaues the transmission "may" go out not will. I point all fingers back at Toyota. There is a host of complaints online about transmission problems with no prior notification being given to customers. From this bad experience I will say 100% for sure I will never buy a Toyota again.
Check engine light on after car in driveway over night. Local dealer reported O2 sensor. $150 part and $64 for labor. Not under warranty as/dealer.
Engine light came on every 2 weeks, even after the oxygen sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1) was replaced. Eventually they found the problem to be a leaking intake gasket. Replaced it and have been driving for a week so far with no problem. However, there appears to be some leakage of oil!
according to the dealer this isn't covered under a recall nor the Fedeal Emissions Warranty :(

Cost us $432 including another diagnostic fee ($120). We'd already had the vehicle to our mechanic who had run diagnostics and had it diagnosed correctly (according to the dealer). Our mechanic thought maybe Toyota would do the repair under the Emissions Warranty. But alas the dealer says no. Lesson learned? We should always stick to our known excellent mechanic even when he tries to be a nice guy and help us get what he thought was a warranty repair. Our guy would have only charged $335 including diagnostics!
dTC code showed slow response error for O2 sensor. Replaced both O2 sensors and ran for two months successfully now.
check light came on and off between fueling, said it was o2 senors. replaced both and light came back on for the cat. got it changed now it says bank1. part store says it wont effect my gas millage but i know it is. so do i change the other cat out? and of course i get older car gets harder it will be on gas... car been week ever sense i got it thought it was normal.
Changed cat 3 times. Seems to get check engine light more frequent after changing cat. Going to look at o2 sensors next. Have to get it fixed for California smog check due.