Chevrolet Impala Problem Report

Chevrolet Impala Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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A Loose or worn gas cap may cause Check Engine Light to illuminate.

reports gas cap, replaced but keeps repeating. paying 100 dollars each time for poor service. weather, raining it comes back. Three gas caps later it still comes back? Help. -
Check engine light illuminated due to gas cap issue. Replaced cap. Check engine light still on -
check engine light came on due to faulty gas cap. -
engine light came on . we took the car to have it checked and were told the gas cap was faulty! REALLY? -
Clean off the inside of the gas cap with WD40. After I got all of this dirt out, the "Tighten Gas Cap" error never came back up. Air must have been getting into the system and reducing the vacuum pressure for the gas going to the engine. -
Check Engine light is on because my gas gap is not tight enough, gas cap just twirls around. -
Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap PER AUTO ZONE 3 TIMES NOW -
Replaced Cap -
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