Chevrolet Trailblazer Problem Report

Chevrolet Trailblazer Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue

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Illumination of the Check Engine Light can be caused by a loose or worn gas cap.

I had the tighten fuel cap come on, then the SES light came on. I replaced the fuel cap at auto zone. I unplugged the battery to reset the SES light. It went off. Then driving to work today I got the tighted fuel cap! -
My check engine light came on and then I was told that if you have low gas or the cap isnt on tight then the light will come on.. I had low gas so once I filled it up the light went out.. Nice thing to know.. -
I have replaced the gas cap and it still does it at times. I am not convinced that the problem is in the cap, perhaps it is in the sealing surface of the tank neck. -
I have replaced the gas cap I cannot even remember how many times, same problem, check engine light on. My mechanic told me it has always been a problem with the Trailblazer, ignore it he Why hasn't Chevy recalled this and solve everyones problem! -
I have put 3 caps on and it stops for a month or two then does it again. -
Yeah, I bought my car from the Chevy dealership used. Two weeks after I had bought it, my check engine light came on! So I brought it back to the dealership, and they told me it was the gas cap and it needed to be replaced. It costed me about $100. TWO WEEKS AFTER I BOUGHT IT. Poor customer service, in my opinion. -
stupuid freaking engine light on!! got the tighten fuel cap message first, then poof! the lovely engine light! replaced gas cap, had light shut off, only to go back on again like 2 days later! gotta get this figured out as I got a rejection for my inspection sticker! ugghhhh!! -
About a week ago the gas cap light came on. So I pulled over and tighten the cap, and It went out. So today the check engine light came on and I push the onstar button for them to do a diagnostic test on my truck. After they did the test he said to check the gas cap, and it should go out.It didnt he said if it dont go out in 7 days go to dealer. So tomorrow I will go and get a gas cap and fill my tank up. Wish me luck Trailblazer owners -
This happens whenever I change gas stations, so I only fill up at BJ's and the light goes out-lol. -
Gas cap failed suddenly. Replaced at Autozone and SES light reset within 400 miles -
Tighten fuel cap comes on the a day or two later check engine light comes on i have replaced gas cap and problem still happens. Mechanic hooks it up and it says there is a gas leak and then he resets it then light comes back on a week later. I think its time for Chevy to have a recall and fix the issue -
Check Engine Light Due to Gas Cap Issue -
Replaced cap with one bought from the Chevrolet place. Light continued to come on at intervals. Had car repaired and light still comes on at intervals. -
i bought new gas caps 4 to be exact, I went to the dealer and bought a factory one and so far its been ok -
Codes out salaries evap leak. Only solution I have not tried is $110.00 smoking at dealership. Not will to waste the 110! -
Replaced gas cap at dealership ($141.00), 1 week later the check engine light came back on. -
Be to chev dealer fixed it. LOL. That was wed 3-25-15. Came on again today. 3-29-15. I'm upset. After paying them 136.00 to fix it. -
It will come on then go off all the time. Took to the shop and replaced the cap still having the problem from time to time. -
Bought the 2007 trailblazer from a chevrolet dealer, was told it was a rental. Had 29,000 miles. Few months of ownership, BOOM!! there was the light. Had Gas cap replaced by the dealer. Not even a year passed. BOOM!! there goes the light.So to make this story short.Seven years Now Ive been fighting this problem with the gas cap.I like the idea of maybe a poor seal. But, Im beginning to think Of where the gas cap is located. Right at the rear of the truck! Could be every time you hit a bump,it loosens that crappy cap. Im crapped out abought the whole ordeal !! Right now Im driving with the light on again. any inspection is coming up. Chevrolet should own up to it,and admit its a problem. -
Check engine light would come on after filling tank and would go off after three starts. This got worse as time progressed and now light never goes out. -
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