Nissan Frontier Problem Report

Nissan Frontier Erratic Fuel Gauge and/or Check Engine Light

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The fuel level sensor can fail causing erratic or inaccurate fuel gauge readings. The Check Engine Light may also illuminate. Nissan has recalled 2006 - 2008 vehicles only for this fuel gauge issue. For more information on the recall, please click here»

I have had nothing but problems out of my vehicle and now we are the end of warranty, by 5 months and I am told that I need a Canister Vent Control Valve and a Evaporation Control Canister for my vehicle that has been well taken care of, oil changes regularly, washed and pampered. My vehicle has 77,711 miles on it and it is going to cost me 700 dollars to get it fixed! It was just in the Nissan Dealership for the Gas Sensor that went bad in JUNE, a recall on the airbags in MAY and now this. Nissan has gone down hill and I will be sure to pass it along, that Nissan's now deals with "Throw Away" vehicles! You pay 30 grand for a vehcile to last you 5 years, really???? WOW! I am beyond upset at how Nissan handles their customers, vehicles and warranties! NEXT TIME I WILL BUY A CHEVY! -
Fuel sensor doesnt work. Nissan decided it would be best to cover some vehicles but not others with the identical problem. -
Gas was reading just below half. I stopped to fill it up and the needle didn't move. I shut the truck off and restarted it and the Check Engine Soon Light came on and the fuel gage dropped to empty. -
08 Frontier. Fuel sensor failed, check engine light stays on. Contacted Nissan since this was a known defect and after giving them my VIN #, they said they couldn't cover the repairs, even though the recall was supposed to cover the 08 models. Took my complaint all the way to the Corporate level and they still wouldn't honor repair work on a KNOWN DEFECT for that model year. -
Mileage is approximate but when I fill the tank with fuel, the fuel gauge goes to empty, the low fuel light comes on, then the service engine soon light comes on. Drive it a couple of days and the fuel gauge slowly returns to normal. Happens every time I add fuel. -
Had erratic fuel gauge readings for 40,000 miles (I purchased used with 40,000 already on it)... Check engine light just came on so I purchased an OBD 2 scanner and got the P0463 code related to a bad fuel level sensor. -
fuel sensor failure has not been replaced -
Non functioning or incorrect fuel level readings. New fuel sender installed. -
check engine light coming on the when I fuel the gauge does not work for a while then it resets. -
The check engine light is on after replacing gas cap and other parts. Now my mechanic said that the problem is in the gas tank valve. No solution yet. -
Fuel gauge showed 1/4 tank, filled it up and the needle never moved. 5 minutes later Engine light came on and then the needle dropped to empty and the low fuel light came one. Went to and entered my VIN and says No Recalls for my truck?? -
Check engine light cod P0463 - fuel level sensor is shot in my 2007 Nissan Frontier. Called today and was told Nissan had "extended" the warranty until Jan 2014 or 72000 for that issue. WTF -
Problem with the fuel guage, not working right -
Fuel sensor would quit working every time tank filled. Usually after about a quarter of the tank used it would slowly start working. Have replaced gas cap and that did not make the light go off. Had the code read and it showed the fuel sensor. -
My check engine light came on, and the gas gauge started working intermittently. -
Faulty fuel level sensor -
Fuel gauge works between 15 and 150 miles then it registers as empty. -
check engine light came on and had ot checked, they said it was fuel sencer -
My truck has had several issues with fuel sending unit 2 new units now the fuel temperature sensor is gone so gots to drop the tank again for the 4th time -
check engine light on, check with mechanic and give me code p0463,fuel level sensor, no solution yet -
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