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Check Engine Light Due to Failed EVAP Canister Vent Valve on Nissan Frontier

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a defective charcoal canister vent control valve. The charcoal canister is a component in the Evaporative emissions (EVAP) system.  Our technicians tell us a failed vent valve will require replacement.

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Nissan Frontier Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 80,552 (16,800–204,860)
13 model years affected: 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015
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service light came on at 16400 miles- couldn't gas truck except very slowly- trickle, stop, trickle-- truck still under the 3 yr warranty. Service Center said vent control valve clogged with dust, just over $600 for part and labor since that part wasn't covered by warranty. I'm still driving it, go to a local station with old style pump or use a portable container to transfer gas from pump to truck. Nissan did design a new part. Can the old part be replaced by local human mechanic or does a computer have to be involved?
"Service Engine Soon" light came on. Following instructions to "check gas cap, etc.", I took vehicle to dealer who said that the "flap" in the evaporative canister purge control valve was stuck open. Estimated repair cost w/labor was $221.00.
Service Engine soon. 2009 Nissan Frontier SE. Went to dealer. Replaced vent control valve and cleared codes. Light came back on within 30 miles. Went back to dealer, cleared codes, drove for about 70 miles, light back on. Truck in dealer's shop again. For $$$$ north of 300.00, I want the PROBLEM FIXED! Otherwise truck runs and drives like new, no issues, just the stupid light. If you can't fix...........just say so. This is the same dealer that can not tell me how to wire the truck for trailer tail lights.
I purchased my 2008 Nissan Frontier 4.0 new/used. Went down the street to fill it up, 10 seconds after I started filling I heard a gurgling sound. Putting my head closer to the tank to determine what the noise was not the smartest choice, I managed to pull it out of the way just in time to keep from getting the side of my head soaked in gasoline. The purge valve I had shorted and stuck closed. Thus giving the vapors from fill up and or driving no where to go but up and out the filler neck. NOT COOL ! ! I temporarily solved this problem by disconnecting the valve from the tank (OK for temporary but not forever) this enabled me to be able to fuel without back pressure. I purchased a new 911-503 Vapor Canister Purge Valve on eBay for about $50 shipped and installed it in about 3 min. Now I need the check engine code reset, boo hoo.
Service engine light came on. Checked manual and gas cap was not on tightly. Took it to Nissan dealer and they attached it to be diagnosed. A day later it came back on. Took it back to dealer and they said it was the vent control valve.
I was pumping gas at a shell station and when I was just about done gas shot out all over me, now I have a check engine light on. Tech did a read out and came up with codes PO442 and PO402? Evaporation emission system leak.
Dealership says it might need a charcoal canister (price starting at 400.00 without labor, maybe more because they have to run their own computer test @ 79.00). They won't except the free one from Advance Auto. I think this is bullsh...t. This was in Feb. 2014, had light turned off and now after pumping gas again last week Aug. 2014 the check engine lights is on again! I guess I'll have to have the light turned off truck is running great!! (I wonder if this is a factory defect in this model?).
check engine soon light came on. took to dealer and they ordered charcoal canister and vent valve
replaced solenoid valve at ~50,000m and now have the same problem at 114,000m. Getting tired of the same "pricey" fix. It's too bad that you can't even drive a P/U on a dirt rd.
Check engine light came on and I was told I needed an upgrade on the cannister under the bed and over the axle. I paid over $700 for this so called upgrade, and was told in the future all I had to do was have a filter replaced. A year or less later the light came on again. Service said they knew nothing about a filter replacement, they cleaned it and said I should come in annually to have it cleaned. Now this light is on again and I want this fixed! We will see what the Dealer has to say this time when I go in?
"Service Engine Soon" light came on. Dealer is telling me I need a complete retro of the emission system due to it being full of dust. They are telling mr this is due to some intake being located by a rear wheel. Sounds like this should be a recall item. By the way, the dealer quoted $1300 + Tax for the fix!!!
To continue my saga with Evap Valve. Contacted Dealer and was informed that because my upgrade is now showing up with check engine light, my upgrade is most likely ruined and I only have to spend another $745 to purchase another upgrade and this time a replaceable filter is actually available with this upgrade and in the future I will be able to buy the inline filter that goes with it for $76 and rcommend because I live on a dirt road they want me to replace this filter every 6 mo. (or every other oil change) you can expect to add additional $76 to replace filter, in order to stay ahead of the engine warning light! This is their fix, if you call it that.To me that is too much to expect, so the warning is if you live or travel on dirt roads, this rig is not for you!Vern
Service engine light on due to EVAP Code pulled. These are a big issue as the air filter on the unit doesn't cut dust from entering it. This plugs the unit up. I've had two Nissan trucks an 05 and 06 and always the same issue. Poor design on this
Light came on took to dealer and was told it had dust in it and wasnt covered under warranty Same thing happened to my 2013 frontier and cost me in excess of 800.00 I think this will be my last nissan
Service engine soon light came on. Dealer indicated it was failure in the vent control valve and evap canister. Quoted $1389 to fix.