Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Check Engine Light Due to Clogged EGR Ports/Deterioration in Catalytic Converter

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A Check Engine Light may illuminate if the EGR ports have clogged or if the catalyst inside the catalytic converter has deteriorated.

I have this problem still, have taken to the dealer ten times over the last Five years, after one week check engine lights comes back on they again replace the egr and the light comes back on, I have given up on them fixing it can you recommend a solution to this problem, Honda cannot. -
Car would stal when you slow down or touch tne brake. Had egr replaced twice in one year and now doing it again ? -
Replaced EGR valve and had to get clogged EGR ports cleaned. Also had to replace catalytic converter. -
brought my 1990 accord for smog but failed due to "wrong timing" so brought it to a mechanic after testing the car with their smog machine...they said i have a bad cat, as i drove off the shop... the check engine light came on and won't go away! every time i start my car, it won't show but after driving a couple of miles.. check engine light will come on again. now i don't know how am i gonna pass smog~ -
check engine light was on.Not running right very rough.Put new egr port in. -
Engine light came on...cause catalytic converter. It has over 250, 000 miles on it now...light still on...never got it fixed. Dealership wanted $80 just to hook it up to computer to see what was wrong with it! I already KNEW!! -
This stupid check engine light kept coming back after the mechanics replacing the EGR Ports/catalytic converters and nothing seem to fix it. It is so annoying, now the car is 212000 miles and I am giving up on this issue. -
They replaced the EGR filter. -
engine idle speed very low and p401 code set -
need a new cat; haven't decided to sell or repair -
Replaced catalytic converter and light is still on. -
The cat rattled when I purchased the car, allowing me to get it for pretty cheap. I drove it for a while, until the car was so down on power that I couldn't keep up with traffic. I had it repaired for about $300 at a local shop. -
Having problems with tat now. -
Mechanic states it is not worth fixing. -
EGR Ports cleaned. $265 -
The check engine light with code P0402 came on around 112900 miles. This problem is because of the engine computers threshold calculated by the 2 oxygen sensors. Accords from 1998-2001 have a much closer tolerance than other year models so as the catalytic efficiency becomes less, these year model accords trip the check engine light. I tried a CATCOE $310.00 brand catalytic converter and got about 20K miles before the same problem came back. I have sense changed it again using a converter from Autozone $190.00 and after 30k miles no problem noted. Always use Honda O2 sensors or Denso brand. Never Bosh -
EGR valve is bad, has to be replaced for $125.00 -
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