Check Engine Light Due to ABS Control Module Failure on Volvo S80

Problem Description and Possible Solution

There have been reports of a failed ABS Control Module causing the ABS and Check Engine warning lights to illuminate. Repair or replacement of the failed module will be required to correct this issue.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 121,768 (16,000–218,000)
8 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2006, 2007
64 people reported this problem
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I have dash lights that come on and off all the time. Break failure,check engine, traction control. What is going on? I don't even know if the car is safe. I think it runs great but what do I know?
2004 S80 lights, odometer, trip meter, ABS, Brake lights, Engine service, etc. All of the common symptoms listed for the Brake Control Module.
Starter engages then stops and lights come on. Message window under speedometer says:
Brake System
Service Required
After the dust settles and things stop flashing the Check Engine light and the ABS light are on.
I haven't fixed the problem; it is Saturday, the repair shops are closed and I really would like to at least be able to start my car.
I noticed that Check Engine Light is on.continually with the little yellow icon . I had my car serviced. about one month ago radiator flush, oil change. I have extended warranty a little nervous about finding the right repair shop. I am fearful that If I return to Volvo Lovering. I will really be taken for a ride
Intermittently brake and power steering warning light come on, and car sometimes disables itself. Looking for a solution, please help. I have a 1999 Volvo s80
misc abs and brake system failures and spedo - tach - temp gagaes stopping, a/c stops, cruise control stops

car drives OK

Lifting battery cable and re-connecting sometinmes helps

worse in warmer weatyer - it was fine all winter and just returned
Intermittent problem that renders the car undriveable. Car starts, error lights illuminate, ABS fault error message appears and then the car stalls. The ABS system has been checked and there is no mechanical issue. The dealership service technicians believe that one of the computer modules has gone bad but they cannot isolate the error to a specific module. Replacing all of the modules would cost more than the car is worth at this point.
YEP, me too. I ordered replacment part from ebay, attempting to replace old one tonight myself. The housing is behind the air filter. I'll give update after I attempt!
Abs,check engine ape bag lights light up on start, but go away after a few. Computer read out stays it is speed sensor. Had abs lines work on already.
ABS lights coming on intermittently for quite a while. Front & rear brakes repaired and checked fully working. Now Check Engine light coming on because ABS module not communicating with engine module. ABS light still on only occasionally.... Pricey repair to replace ABS control module and requires flashing done at only a Volvo dealership.
Not fixed. When ABS error reported, car will crank but not start. If car running when error reported, cruise control stops working and car will not restart if turned off. Why did Volvo curse the consumer by preventing vehicle from starting? I have been ripped off by dealership, Paul Moak of Jackson MS. I threw away 5K. They said they fixed it by cleaning computer terminals, but it didn't. Now they want to replace computers for 1500/ unit. I could spend what I paid for the car, and they have no guarantees. They cant even say for sure what is wrong. Volvo is the devil..
Around 50k, my dash lights up like an airplanes cockpit. ABS lights, cruise control, and several other things affected. Mechanic diagnoses the ABS module is behind it all, and with new parts Im looking at 1500 - 2000 to repair. Now, at 65k i am still driving without a fix. Really would like to fix the issue, but at mileage this low, it should be volvos problem for a part not meeting standards. Any suggestions?