Volkswagen Eos Problem Report

Volkswagen Eos Check Engine Light and/or Hesitation Due to Failed High Pressure Fuel Pump

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2.0L turbo charged engines may develop a hesitation on acceleration and/or illumination of the Check Engine Light due to a failed high pressure fuel pump or a worn camshaft follower or camshaft. Our technicians tell us that whenever the high pressure fuel pump is replaced the camshaft and the follower should be checked for wear. The camshaft lobe pushes on the follower to operate the high pressure fuel pump. Frequent oil changes and use of synthetic oil may help with this wear issue.

I am so frustrated. I bought my 2008 VW Eos 2 years ago. It has had constant problems with the top, delayed time for the engine to start and hesitation to the point where my tires squeal when I start from a complete stop. My check engine light has also been coming on and turning off randomly since January 2012. I was finally able to get it to the dealer while the light remained on and was told the car needs $2300 in repairs! I was told that the camshaft, follower and high pressure pump all need to be replaced. Each time I would call that the check engine light was on it would go back off before I could get to the dealership which closes at 6pm and is not open on weekends. I was also told that once the check engine light has gone off it has reset itself and they would not be able to diagnose what the previous issue was. HELP! I need advice on what to do. My warranty expired on 4/10/2012 and I still have high car payments to keep up with. -,%20DTC%20P0087,%20P1093%20or%20P2293.pdf The above is a pdf VW Tech Bulletin which shows VW replacing cam shaft and follower for 2006-2007 on their dime. Sounds like problem has not been fixed for later models, but why would they charge you to replace on 2008-2009 model if it is the same problem, and it seems that it is. -
deciding whether to fix or trade in the car -
Same thing just happened to me. The car is no longer under warranty and it is going to cost $2200!! -
Just bought a 2010 Eos Komfort. Experienced hesitation in the engine while driving and the "EPC" light came on. Took it to the dealership and they said it was a bad high pressure fuel pump. Covered under warranty at a cost of $507.00. -
Fuel pump had to be replaced as well as oxygen sensor. Car wasn't getting full power. -
EPC light comes on and car seems to slip into neutral. Goes from 65 mph on the interstate to nothing with no warning! My 16 year old daughter got this car as her first vehicle because I thought VW were safe! Of course it's out of warranty and I was told the engine needs rewired and it will cost me $800. Now the engine lights on and the car is shaking. I'll never buy another vw! They are definitely not taking care of their customers!!! I'm not the only one with this problem! Recall these cars and fix them!!! -
turn on sometimes will work just fine and other times me engine starts sharking and, very poor acceleration with miss fire -
Same thing, my EPC light came on suddenly, then the engine light (or as the manual calls it the catalytic converter light) and the car seemed to lose it's acceleration. Told it's the high pressure fuel pump. Had endless problems with the convertible top as well. Not a fan of my EOS right now -
Engine light came on; dealer said I need a new Fuel Pump Module. No longer under warranty. Expensive! -
I've just experienced the same issues - driving on the highway - car would seem to slip going into gear - finally just won't get into gear. Drove it with the tiptronic shift to the dealer. Waiting to hear. -
Car feels like it is jumping as I drive it. Check engine light on and when hooked up at shop says camshaft sensor is bad. -
hesitation on acceleration -
still at the shop, getting the fuel pump replaced....the technician had to contact the factory because there were so many errors coming from the diagnostics he didn't know what to do first. Not a happy camper, since this vehicle has always been babied. -
Lite on. No other sign of problems. -
Light goes on and off. Car drives fine. Error code says cam shaft -
$3600 worth of repairs, VW had extended warranty on this problem due to production problems but that expired at 120K -
fuel pump and camshaft needs replacing -
car would hesitate when drive espically at low speeds and check engine lihgt constantly when on and off. Dearlship said it was the Fuel pump which is going to cost $653 to repair -
Engine light on. Took to VW mechanic. He said I have about 5000 miles to go before my camshaft is worn out completely. -
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