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Check Engine Light Due to Engine Misfire on Saturn Ion

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The ignition module or an ignition coil may fail causing an engine misfire, the Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate. Diagnoses will be required to determine the cause and needed repair.

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Saturn Ion Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 107,462 (10,010–260,000)
Engine affected: 2.2L 4 Cylinder
5 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007
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While driving, I can feel my car "putter", I step on the gas pedal and all the gauges drop down. It takes about 3 times of turning my car back on & pressing the gas pedal before the car will stay on and move. We took it to a mechanic and the engine light was reading a misfire. they changed the spark plugs, and the car is still doing it. they said their only other thought was the coil packs.

If other people are having this problem, maybe this should be added to the long list of RECALLS!!!!!!
I'm frustrated say the least with my 2004 Saturn ion. I recently had both recalls taken care of and changed the oil, fixed brakes and EVERYTHING and now my car is driving horribly. It shutters everytime i drive it and when i come to a complete stop or put the car in reverse the engine shuts off which is very dangerous. I'm too afraid to ride the car on the freeway in fear that i will approach traffic and the car will shut off. I took my car to a shop and was told the crank position sensor code came on the obd 2 reader and that was the problem. I paid to have that replaced only for the car to work fine for 1 day then the engine light returned. I went Back to the shop and was told p0340 code showed my car needed a camshaft sensor replacement however my car doesn't have a camshaft sensor because i have a 2.2 engine. Eventually i was told i NEEDED to replace spark plugs, coils and boots because my car doesn't have wires. All of that has been replaced and my car worked again UNTIL the next morning and the engine light is back on, the car is still sputtering, and shuts off upon reversing and coming to a stop. I was told replace my air duct filters that didn't work... now the code p0300 is showing up and I'm at my wits end. I cannot afford to keep fixing this car. Can anyone please help me with what the real deal is with this vehicle?
Started by stalling and idling. Got coil pack and spark plugs changed. Ran great for a couple miles then engine light started blinking and the exhaust sounded loud while accelerating. Misfire in cylinder 4. Brought back and said it needed a new coil pack which I just did. Ran great for a couple miles and misfires again. I'm so upset. I can't afford this.
my car is misfiring on the number 4 cylinder, I have changed the coil the plug and have had it diagnosed but all it says is the #4 is misfiring.
Thought problem of check engine light on and car bucking and even cut off while driving, when ignition coil was changed. Good for a few miles then back to same problem! What's going on!!
Parked it for the night, it was fine...woke up the next morning to it misfiring. Put in injector cleaner, chaned boots, plugs, and coil. Also chaned out fuel filter. Next step is ignition coil. Only code coming up is a random misfire code. Still in the process of repairs. I have a 2006 Saturn ion 2 with 71350 miles.
i was coming home one day and the engine started ticking and everytime i stop at a stop light it will die when i put the clutch in plz help
2 times the check engine light ignition coil shorted out had to have new spark plugs in. had ignition coil put in -- today check engine light on ignition coil miss firing they will warrety that out but need to replace it with a ign control/mod/unit???? so with in 2 weeks this has happend
Same problem, many trips to dealer and unsuccessful repair. Went to junkyard and purchased used ignition coils and installed myself and it fixed the problem for a time. Eventually, the problem returned
No.3 Cy misfire, and the engine light is on, i've changed the filter and cleaned the oil pipe, but it doesn't work. Sometimes, when the engine light is on, there is a light smell of gas.
My oil pan got broken so I had and oil leek and then my engine blew there was alot of smoke and now it keeps making a clicking noise but it won't start!!!
Took car in to have it smogged. When technician hooked it up to test, the engine light came on. He checked it out on the diagnostic and said one cylinder was misfiring and it would cost about $2,000 just to get into the engine not to mention fixing it.

What a shame. We had just had both recalls done. We've maintained the car meticulously since we bought it new.
I ran across this looking for a solution to my son's 1998 Saturn wagon. He was driving home and it sputtered/shook and died on the freeway. A friend who is a mechanic looked at it after we had it towed and said it was the ignition module. We will find out if that did the trick. Supposedly it did.
3rd cylinder misfire, sputters down the road and kicks its horrible. Its in the shop now getting fixed again This is round 2 with the coil