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Check Engine Light on Chevrolet Impala

Problem Description and Possible Solution

There have been multiple reports of the check engine light illuminating. While there is no one solution, many of the codes associated with the check engine light are from the evaporation emissions or EVAP system. This may be addressed by tightening the gas cap and performing the appropriate drive cycle that can be found in the owner's manual.

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Chevrolet Impala Vehicles With This Problem

Detailed Estimates
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Average mileage: 114,429 (48,000–187,299)
Engines affected: 3.5L V6, 3.9L V6
5 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010
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My check engine light will come on then it will display engine reduced power service traction control, I have not gotten this problem fixed yet I'm not sure where to even begin.
My check engine light come on then it display engine reduced power service traction control - I'm out of town how do I get this fixed
I have a 2006 SS 5.3 Liter engine I can start the car and it shuts off displaying (STARTING DISABLED SERVICE THROTTLE,SERVICE TRACTION CONTROL AND ENGINE POWER REDUCED)I wait a few mins and restart the car and it will start but do the same thing after about 10 mins running
My problem is I get a service traction control device message then a message that says reducing power and then one that says killing throttle and my card dies. This happened to me on the freeway last week. I lost all power, power brakes and steering too. I was dead and had to drift to the shoulder of the freeway. My car wouldn't start at all for 2 tries then when I was able to get it going I could only go up hill 40 mph but down hill I could coast at 80mph. The messages go away and then come back and it happened again the other day. This is a big issue and dangerous. I don't know how to fix it. I saw a YouTube video and a guy had the same problem. He fixed it by replacing the gas pedal. I also know each hub has a censor on it so maybe it's that? Idk, but my engine light is ok today and everything is working again. Let's hope it doesn't stop in the middle of the freeway again.
engine power reduced and tracktion control lights are on power is reduced. been like this since I bought it from auto north one year ago is it a recall it is a 2008..thank you
My engine light came on after my traction control light came on but it went off my engine light is still on can I still drive it
my car will stall for a couple of days before my service traction control message comes up and right after then my engine power is reduced message comes up i took my car to a shop they said my trottle body needed to be cleaned but it is still doing the same thing.
I just got the problem this weekend. Husband pulled the throttle body plug and cleaned air condition and air intake filters. Disconnected the battery to clean up terminals etc. When I started the car everything was cleared. I have driven about 30 miles and not lights or messages have come on.
Daily car reports service traction control the throttle service needed an car dies while driving 5 min later restarts - 4 times I've takin it to shop getting really old if it can't be fixed why won't they say $300 a trip
Reduced engine power, service traction control, starting disabled, service throttle. I've had the throttle assembly replaced twice, performance control module, battle cables, new battery, gas pedal sensor. Every time issue continues back to error messages.