Chevrolet Trailblazer Problem Report

Chevrolet Trailblazer CD Player In Radio May Fail

(83 reports)

The CD player in the radio may fail. Our technicians tell us that the radio will need to be removed and sent out to a radio repair shop to correct this condition.

radio works but the CD player will not play or eject any of my disc. Says Player Error and goes back to radio. -
My CD player has failed and will no longer allow CDs to be inserted. -
cd/radio completely stopped working. it started out that it wouldn't play a cd and i couldn't get the cd's out. still haven't fixed it, chevy dealer said i would have to get it replced because they don't service radios. -
says check cd, radio works -
My cd player want play or release the cd. -
The radio will play, but the CD player will not. I tried everything -- new CD, tried to clean the player head with a cleaning disc, you name it. That's ridiculous! Chevy should pay to fix everyone's CD player!!! -
my cd player started to not spit out cds and finally quit all together with one in it. Had to use tweezers to get it out cause it wouldnt even play it and now it no longer plays them at all. wont even suck one up! -
radio works but CD player does not: won't eject, load, or play. -
Wont eject nor accept CD's Says "check CD" and returns to radio -
While driving the CD player gets very hot, ejects the disc, and the time on the clock starts over at midnight. -
Radio works but cd player stopped working. ...same errors other are reporting -
CD player will not eject CDs still plays them but can not change them out. Says player error. -
Radio want take cds -
I have had same problem with our 2003 trailblazer. CD is stuck and won't come out. -
CD don't work. The lights on radio don't work either. -
CD player quit working -
cd does not play and does eject. pulled cd out with a pair of twessers. -
Repair tech says it was caused by the label on multiple discs. -
CD player started by not spitting out the cd and then a few times later it was done completely. But I couldn't be bothered replacing it. I can live with radio until I trade this in SOON. -
The CD Player overheats and stops playing. -
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