GMC Envoy Problem Report

GMC Envoy CD Player In Radio May Fail

(83 reports)

The CD player in the radio may fail. Our technicians tell us that the radio will need to be removed and sent out to a radio repair shop to correct this condition.

CD won't eject, just makes a clicking noise... -
CD Player will not eject CDs. Will not play CDs either - Error message displays on screen. -
Radio works but CD player will not work and CD stuck -
CD stuck, no noise when pushing eject button, is there a recall? -
CD is stuck in player, used to make clicking noise when pressed eject button. When I press eject button now; no noise & CD still stuck. Radio works fine. -
The cd player will not work or discharge the cd from the player!!!! -
Just won't play a cd anymore,radio plays but that is all -
My CD player will not load or eject cd's. -
had same issue where CD player failed, CD indicator light flashed. Took to dealer to reflash the the stereo system. Wasted $55 dollars since that didn't work and was told to pay $800 to replace the whole unit. -
cd is not able tobe ejected out of player -
Radio ok cd player wont work or eject cds -
CD player will not eject cd's and will not add a cd. You can hear the cd trying to eject but won't come out. -
I have a 6 disc CD player/radio that stopped working about a year ago, maybe longer. The radio works fine, but I have 6 CDs stuck in the player that won't eject or play!! I have not been able to find anyone that can or is able to repair factory radios. Everyone has told me I will have to replace it with a non-factory one. At the same time, I starting hearing a clicking sound in the rear of my envoy that usually stops now after driving for a little while. I'm not sure if that sound is associated with my radio or my air vents. About the same time, my front air vents and rear ceiling air vents stopped blowing (only defrost and foot vents work now). -
no cd only radio -
vehicle vibrates while in drive at a stop.Also, cd player failed. -
CD player worked fine one day next day it ate my cd and would no longer work nor read a cd -
cd stuck in player will play but wont eject -
It was like that when I bought it used -
it goes up/down by itself ,then it will come on but play really low -
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