Mercedes-Benz S430 Car Problems

Command, Voice Control, PSE, & Tele Aid Modules and CD Changers Are All Prone to Failure on Mercedes-Benz S430

Problem Description and Solution

CD changers, command units, voice control units, PSE units, and Tele Aid units are prone to failure, especially in early models.

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Problem Data

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Average mileage: 99,087 (10,000–264,000)
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006

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CD Changer went bad 1st. It stopped working and then we began to have issues with the Main Head Unit in the dash. It turned on and off intermittently and finally went out completely. We have yet to get a proper diagnosis for this issue.
I'm having problems with the Navigation Command unit... it wil not save data ...each tim ethe car is shut off the time has to be reset....the "home data" gets dumped...the radio won't preset...the list goes on and on..
radio/navigation stopped working. blank screen. occasionally it will start up and work. who repairs these?
Nav unit will not boot up. Mercedes dealer wants to replace the whole unit for $4500. I don't think its the unit but a computer glitch.
COMMAND screen flashes on and off, radio goes on and off all by itself, no way to turn it on or off.
Looks like it needs a re-boot, but there are no directions on how to do it.
Tried different ignition keys-no effect.
Very annoying.
Replaced an alternator just a few weeks ago.
Gps, radio works but no volume - nothing comes out of speakers. Cd changer is not recognized. Still trying to fix. pls help.
I am starting to notice that the TeleAid is getting a lot slower. My car is now 13 years old and I wonder if the analog TeleAid Lifetime Warranty that I paid for is being dismantled.
My unit would turn off and on, and I reported the problem with my first A service. They could not get it to duplicate. I again reported the problem and was told there was a recall on the instruments. The instruments were fine, the unit still turned off and on at will.

The problem was diagnosed when warranty expired.