Catalytic converter and 02 sensor failure on Nissan Maxima

Problem Data
Average mileage: 103,000 (64,000–140,000)
1 model year affected: 2001
5 people reported this problem
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Bought car new in 2001. Replaced cat po420 at 68,000 miles along with 2 o2 sensors according to T.S.B.(no code for o2 sensors but needed replacement according to nissan). At 86,000 cat po430 replaced. At 88,000 po138 & po139 replaced o2 sensors. At 129,000 cat po420 goes again along with the 2 o2 sensors and maf sensor ($1,600 fix). Service manager agrees as well as mechanic that this is a common problem on '01 max's. Have too much invested in car to sell, will be my last one since Nissan knows there's aproblem with the T.S.B.'S they out but no recalls.
02 sensor replaced and indication to replace perfectly functioning 2nd 02 sensor due to nissan recommendation. penny wise and pound foolish nissan. make your buck on unnecessary parts and labor and get a customer who no longer wants to buy your overengineered cars.
Check engine light came on,took the car to the dealership and was told that I need a catalytic converter and o2 sensor.