Car Stuck in 1st or 2nd gear on Honda Accord

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2000 Honda Accord 189,967 mi,
Automatic transmission shifted through gears fine untill driving 70 mph of highway then got stuck and stayed in 2nd gear.

1994 Honda Accord 178,000 mi,
Gauges go crazy and wont pass 1st

Transmission Control Unit/Module(TCU/TCM) for Honda models 1992-1994, were made with faulty components. I knew mine was bad, not only through my research efforts, but also because I took the TCU completely apart so that I could visually inspect the circuit board. That was when I discovered a burnt spot on one of the components. The Transmission Control Module is located under the carpeting of the floorboard on the passenger side. First disconnect the battery. Then you have to remove the cover to get to it (it is the smaller of the two control units underneath), then detach the wiring (there are two sets of wires), being careful not to damage any of them. One site I found said that you could use a flat head screwdriver to loosen the clips holding the wires in, but I was able to just pinch the clips. Before ordering a new TCU, you MUST retrieve the exact model number of the one currently on your vehicle. Sounds more complicated than it actually is. I was able to save about $800 by buying the computer online and installing it myself. It will take you longer to take the old one out, as there is not a lot of elbow room. But well worth it considering the money you save. I highly recommend ordering from because Transmission Control Units are ALL they sell and they are made right here in America, not overseas. They all come programmed with upgraded components and software according to only the specifications of YOUR car, based on very detailed information you provide, including the car's VIN # and production date. I found no other site this thorough. And best of all, it fixed the problem! Just trying to save anyone the trouble of thinking that the transmission is shot. I did not have code show up for this problem, I just did some intense research. Also, there are some very helpful videos on YouTube for those of you needing a visual of how to install your new TCU.

2000 Honda Accord 130,000 mi,
Will not come out of park

I also replaced the TCM and it fixed the problem. We bought it offline, but a mechanic installed it.

No movement in second

Automatic trans won't change out of first