Camshaft Position Sensor Replacement

The camshaft position sensor notifies the powertrain computer (PCM) when the number one cylinder is about to reach top dead center of its compression stroke. This information is used to control ignition timing and the timing of the fuel injectors. When replacing the camshaft position sensor, make sure that there are no obvious oil or coolant leaks that could ruin the new sensor.

How to Replace the Camshaft Position Sensor

Note: There are two common locations for the camshaft position sensor. These are general summaries of how to replace each type.

A. The sensor is located in the timing cover, close to the timing chain

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal
2. Remove the electrical connector to the camshaft position sensor
3. Remove the holding fastener and the sensor
4. Clean the hole where the old sensor was located
5. Install the new sensor in the same position
6. Tighten the fastener and reconnect the electrical connector and negative battery terminal
7. Clear any PCM codes and perform a Drive Cycle Test Drive to verify the repair

B. The sensor(s) is located on or near the valve cover(s) of the engine

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal
2. Disconnect the electrical connector, loosen the fastener, and remove the old sensor
3. On some engines, the valve cover and timing cover may have to be removed for access
4. Clean the mounting area of the old sensor
5. Install the new sensor, tighten the fastener, and connect the electrical connector
6. Install the valve cover(s) and timing cover if removed
7. Connect the negative battery terminal
8. Clear any PCM codes and perform a Drive Cycle Test Drive to verify the repair

Note: After replacing the camshaft position sensor, the powertrain control module needs to have the camshaft adaption reset. This is so the PCM can recalibrate itself to the new camshaft position sensor.

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Where is the camshaft position sensor located? 2.0 L4 1996 Toyota RAV4
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