Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid on Mercedes-Benz E550

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The camshaft adjuster solenoid (which is related to the variable valve timing system) may fail or timing chain/balance shaft components may wear, resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light and various drivability issues. Mercedes-Benz has released a service bulletin outlining specific repair instructions depending on fault codes stored.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 52,260 (20,000–75,300)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
10 people reported this problem
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Check engine light came on. I checked gas cap & retigthened. The light check engine light turned off the next day. Had my bro check fault code, it was P0015 - related to camshaft. Service at dealer, they found 2 camshaft solenoid sensor needed to be replaced.

As an aside, I also reported strong gas odor after fueling. Turns out my tank is leaking. This is a known problem, MB is covering cost under extended warranty. I never received notice of this possible problem...MB should notify customers of all issues related to safety !
check engine light came on. Dealership said it was a $5000 to $6000 repair. Timing and camshaft parts were worn out. This is a problem that mb knows about. Bad design. These parts should not wear out in 45,000k miles on any car. Shame on mb for not recalling.
I complained to dealership 6 times about problem and light still comes on.... Less frequently now but problem still exists.