Mercedes-Benz C280 4MATIC Problems

Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid on Mercedes-Benz C280 4MATIC

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The camshaft adjuster solenoid (which is related to the variable valve timing system) may fail or timing chain/balance shaft components may wear, resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light and various drivability issues. Mercedes-Benz has released a service bulletin outlining specific repair instructions depending on fault codes stored.

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Mercedes-Benz C280 4MATIC Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 93,125 (39,500–174,000)
2 model years affected: 2006, 2007
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I owned a 2007 C280 Luxury Model - 59000 miles. Check engine light came on on the way home from work. Next day, brought the car in to MB Dealer for inspection as to the nature of the problem. Technician indicated a faulty magnet sensor related to the interal camshaft component of the engine. This is an important component because its primary role to monitor and maintain optimum balance of the "camshaft". To solve the problem, the engine will have to be dismounted and access the camshaft component to replace the defect. The innital estimate for repair cost approximately $4700.00 by the dealer. Most of the cost is associated with labor because the time it takes to dismount the engine and open it up to service. Question, if this is an internal mechanical and electrical component of the engine itself, how does one can prevent this defect from occuring?

Mercedes need to be aware of this problem and take appropriate steps to support customer and owner of vehicals with this specific defect.
CEL code P0015 bank 1 exhaust cam solenoid over-retarded. CEL goes on and off and seems related to gas tank fill. Goes on and off without any particular reason. simple process to replace solenoid on left front engine - 3 E bolts. part is inexpensive ~$23. If keeps recurring may relfect worn balance shaft on 72 engine which is a very expensive repair - requires engine removal and is now involved in a class action suit agianst MB who were aware of the problem.
Check engine light came on while driving home from the shore. Took it to my mechanic who told me it was a cam shaft imbalance code. Cleared the code and have not had any issues since. To trade or not to trade that is the question.
I think I Have this issue. My car started to be rough at idle. I replaced, spark plugs and 02 Censor. Now being told this is a known issue with Mercedes. I can't afford $6,K to fix this.
I have an appointment on Wednesday at dealership. I will never buy another MB again. How can they not have a recall on this.
Over the last year my Check Engine Light (CEL) will come on and go off and come on and go off. Sometimes it might stay on for a day, few days, weeks, months, and then magically go off. After talking to one of the Service Consultants I was told that it just may be faulty if I do not notice any issues with the car which I didn't. So I just kept driving it. It eventually went away and didn't come back on for a few months. Then it came on again. I took it in and they told me it was a problem with my thermostat and replaced it. I drove for 1 week and the CEL came on again. finally got the car back in after 3 1/2 weeks and now they are telling me I need to replace 2 Camshaft magnets ($360). How can my Camshaft magnets go bad in 3 1/2 weeks after having it in the shop? Doesn't seem right to me but, as a woman, how can I challange that.
Check Engine light came on. Codes read 1200 and 1208
Cam shaft issues was told $6800 to fix from dealer.
IS there still a class action law suit out there????
Check Engine Light came on. Took to dealership…said it was camshaft solenoid issue. Repair cost 485.
I have problem check engine light on n rough in idle and I took to international auto April 2015 they did diagnostic failure cylinder 3 n they change cam solenoid adjuster n still rough in idle, then July check engine light came on again . I took to black forest n they said compression cylinder 3 problem n engine need to be dismounted . It is manufacturing fault, mercedez need to do recall, thx
I had this same issue with my C230 on 01/19/16. My CEL came on just before scheduled maintenance A. It was determined the cause was a "CAM magnet failure" and the service technician said that when one goes out, it's best to replace all four since the labor to access one is costly; he said it's more economical to replace all four at once then to come back later to have other replaces. The cost of four was $ 855 including labor. It's too bad no one has filed a Class Action suite against MB over this. It truly should have been a recall. Now, after a little more than a month, my CEL is back on again and I have no idea what to expect when I take it back to the MB dealer. I am very disappointed to say the least.
failed emissions test with misfire code on #4 cylinder and 2 sensors coding mis-alignment ,check engine light never comes on even in testing
Engine light was on 90% of the time. Brought it to Merc dealership and was told the cam shaft magents or something needed to be replaced. All 4, in fact.
Same problem but way different results. No engine dismounting as seen reported, just nightmare in locating sensor position in rear of engine drivers side below MAP, difference in bolt type holding sensor and time to loosen sensor and replace. On MB owner forum there is a detailed how to do with pictures. Since replacement of a $35.00 part and seeing what others did I replaced the four front sensors each costing about the same. With tool set E8 socket and M10 socket total spent was less then $200.00 Not hard just frustrating Cam Shaft Position sensor. The front sensors took about 10 minutes each and that included a couple of cups of coffee. For gent told $4700.00 was the mechanic wearing a mask?
Check engine light came on; I took in to MB Service and was told my Camshaft Solenoids are defective. I have to replace them for $800.00.