Audi Cabriolet Problem Report

Audi Cabriolet Cabriolet Convertible Top Mechanism May Fail Due to Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

(13 reports)

The Cabriolet convertible top mechanism can fail due to hydraulic fluid leaks. The fluid reservoir is a common failure.

Convertible top motor hydraulic fluid reservoir leaks. Hairline cracks in plastic reservoir. -
Started as a very slow leak. Now a larger leak. -
reservoir leaks like a sief. to costly to repair. not cost prohibited -
Mine is a 2008 audi A3. This is second time hydraulic motor gone now audi want 1400 quid!!!!! -
Reservoir on top pump was cracked, fluid leaked out and top was inoperative. Also truck lock actuator was bad and had to be replaced. -
convt topwill not operate -
convertible top motor pump leaks -
making noise with putting top down or up -
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