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Cabriolet Convertible Top Mechanism May Fail Due to Hydraulic Fluid Leaks on Audi A4

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The Cabriolet convertible top mechanism can fail due to hydraulic fluid leaks. The fluid reservoir is a common failure.

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Audi A4 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 68,900 (44,000–99,000)
6 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2008, 2009
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When I hit the switch to open my roof, the convertible top only opens about an inch and stops. Need to hit the switch again for it to close.
I have had issues with the convertible top opening and closing, when trying to open or close the top the storage bay lid does not remain locked in place for its cycle. once it opens up and gets to its full open position it immediately drops back down, knocking the sequence out. in addition the windows will not open or close if the drivers side door is open, they only work when its closed, therefor the top sequence is again off. i have replaced the hydraulic motor, i replaced the top switch between the seats, i have also replaced the lift motor behind the headrest of the back seats. (from a scrapped audi) but something should have made a difference. Since switching those items. the top doesn't work at all. I am baffled yet the the top is not secure warning light stays on.. Help I have worked on this for nearly a month and am about to give up!