Dodge Stratus Problems

Broken wires in wiring harness may cause engine problems on Dodge Stratus

Problem Description and Possible Solution

If the car will not start, stalls, or hesitates while accelerating, it may be caused by wires in the wiring harness that are broken internally. This is typically found where the wires pass under the distributor.

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Dodge Stratus Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 183,560 (164,120–203,000)
Engines affected: 2.4L 4 Cylinder, 2.5L V6, V6
6 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2001
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It won't start unless we disconnect the connector to the cam sensor. We replaced the cam / crankshaft sensor & the connector to the cam sensors
Car had problems starting. Computer said EGR codes. Replaced EGR. Same problem not starting. Replaced battery, alternator, fuse box, still not starting sometimes and even wants to shut down while driving. A/C has inconsistent blowing habits (maybe a short? Maybe a bad ground?)
Any help would be nice. It's costing me a fortune and the mechanic is almost done with me.
check engine light was on had it scanned auto zone scanner said cam shaft sensor advanced said crank shaft sensor so I replaced both sensors then it said gas cap replaced it then alternator went out preplaced it the the scanner said their was a problem between the cam & crank shaft sensor their was a new fuel pump put on right before I baught it .please please help