Broken Lug Nuts on Jaguar XJ8

Problem Data
Average mileage: 71,140 (43,000–96,700)
2 model years affected: 2003, 2004
5 people reported this problem
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I needed to take the wheels off to do brakes and inspection but I found that the lugs where frozen on the rears resulting in breaking 5 lugs in half leaving some of the threaded part in tact. I have not resolved this issue yet
The nitwit who installed my tires stripped then over-torqued two rear lug nuts. ended up not rotating for the entire life of the tires. Surprisingly they wore evenly. But yes, fragile studs, easy to strip by idiots.
While getting my tires changed one of my lug nuts was broken. Had to go to another shop to loosen the rest of the lug nuts and then return to have my tires installed.

The three piece lug nuts are fragile, and if the tires are not rotated frequently, the lug nuts can seize. Lubricate the threads when changing tires and purchase several spares to have on hand for an emergency.