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Brief Rattle or Knocking Noise on Initial Start Up on Lexus GS350

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A brief rattle or knocking noise may be noted on initial start up. Our technicians tell us if the noise is determined to be coming from the timing chain area, there are updated variable timing gears available to correct this issue.

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Lexus GS350 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 87,181 (40,000–130,000)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013
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Whenever I start my car, especially when it is cold outside and the car has been off for over 5 hours, there is a loud sound coming from the engine. After 5-10 seconds the loud engine noise becomes a bit quieter and after the car is fully warmed up, the engine is basically silent.

Is there a way to fix this issue and what is the estimate?

Thank you
Rattle every once in awhile when I start the car. It sounded like a loose heat shield to me at first, but it only happens once every 7-8 starts...seems to happen most when I start up the car in the morning, or after it sits for more than 12 hours without a start. I have heard this is a problem with the cam gears and that there is a service bulletin for this issue, but I am wondering if it would be covered for me since the car is out of warranty?
Every now and then, when I go to start the car I hear a rattling noise. I noticed it started happening at about 70k miles, it still does it now. I was a lil surprised to be hearing these type of rattling noises on a Lexus on start up, only happens when I go to start the vehicle. I do hope they can fix the problem. A lil annoying to say the least. So, is there a recall on this rattling on start up. I've had my car in several times for recalls, but they haven't addressed this rattling noise. If there is a recall on this problem, I hope someone contacts me, before I get into an accident, because of this. Jarrod Moses.
Initial knocking after car is idle in cold weather. Disappears after warming up. Haven't been to dealer
Brief rattle upon iginition. Wont happen if I turn car off then turn on right there. Only after car has been off for at least 8 hours.
It doesn't happen every time but occasionally after my GS350 has sit over night it makes a rattle type noise when it first starts up.
Rattle or nocking sound on engine star. More noticeable when started cold. Revs seam to spool up on initial crank with noticeable nocking or rattling and immediately levels out afterwards.
It is intermittent. Seems to happen more often when starting "cold" after the car has been sitting several hours in hot weather.
Rattle from engine compartment on start up. Only lasts about 5 seconds and only happens after engine has been off for about a half hour.
A brief rattle noise when starting says they can't duplicate. But it sounds like bearing tome
The noise just started yesterday and its just on initial startup. I noticef it again this morning upon startup. Its comes from the front passenger side