Brake Calipers on Toyota 4Runner

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In May of 2012, with approx. 50K miles on the vehicle, I had brake service performed on my 2007 4-Runner SR5 Sport 4WD. Pads and rotors replaced on all wheels. At 5,000 mile intervals after I brought the car to the dealer for oil changes and "inspection" of the brakes.

A few days ago, at 75,000 miles I brought the car in for 75K inspection and mentioned a leak at the right front wheel which I suspected was brake fluid. Dealer called to say I had 2 front calipers frozen; replaced front calipers, all 4 rotors and pads and hardware.

I asked for the replaced parts to be returned and verified that the calipers were indeed frozen, probably due to corrosion of the guide pins, but that the rotors were within spec and not pitted. The pads were scarcely worn.

I live in an area where the winters are harsh and where roads are salted. Nonetheless I have never had these many caliper-related problems with any other car - save for a Ford Contour.

I had heard that Toyotas were reliable. I'm beginning to wonder.

Front right caliper froze. Had to replace both along with rooters and pads. 4k later the rear did the same thing. Initially had to replace calipers and pads at 35k. So much for Toyota quality. My tundra is hAving a
similar issue.

I've already replaced the front calipers on my 4runner at 40k and 52k miles due to seized pistons. Now again at 66k miles the same old symptoms are showing up. Pulling to the right when brakes are applied, HEAVY brake dust deposits, blued (burnt) rotor and pulsing noise and feel on braking. I'm positive again it's the same seized piston issue. It is quite obvious this is a design flaw for which my Toyota dealer is happy to charge me $1,800 to replace each time. When I asked him about why they would fail so soon, he responded, "It's due to the high corrosion rate in the north east." I'm done with people treating me like I'm stupid. The internet forums are FILLED with testimony of personal experiences of 4th gen 4runners having this issue and Toyota doing nothing about it. I'll be buying Nissan or Honda next time.

Replaced caliper and rotor

Same issue as others reported here. Purchased vehicle used in '12 with 104k miles. When replacing my brakes and rotors I discovered the same problem- both front calipers had seized. Only one of the pads was worn while the other was untouched. Clearly the person who replaced them last was aware of this problem and now it has become my problem. Hopefully it won't become a recurring issue like others have reported.

Front pass. side break caliper seized. Replaced with new caliper.

Both fronts seized. Left for the second time.

All brake light come after all brakes were done

Not fixed. Vibration intermittently while driving. Left rear hub 429 degrees.

Brakes completely worn out front and rear after only 15,000 miles of driving

When coming to a complete stop, I heard a loud pop come from the passenger side wheel area. I stopped and visually inspected the wheel area and saw no obvious issues. Immediately thereafter when I applied the brakes there was a grinding noise that sounded like my brakes were metal to metal.

I took the vehicle to my mechanic. When he inspected the rotor, he found that the caliper piston had seized and the rotor had become so hot that it broke from the hub and was just spinning on the hub. It was also apparent that the brakes on the right side were wearing twice as fast as the drivers side. They replaced the rotors, rebuilt the calipers and brakes at that time two years ago.

Two days ago the wheel started hopping when brakes were applied which let me know it was a front brake problem. Before I could get it to my mechanic, we again heard the loud popping noise. Another seized caliper and broken rotor on the passenger side.

My mechanic said that this is a known problem and Toyota mechanics will only admit through unofficial channels that they see this issue regularly. All agree it is a serious safety issue that Toyota is ignoring. Someone is going to get seriously hurt!

I just traded my 4Runner in and it had 335,000 miles on it. I replaced about 4 of the front calipers on the right side because of the seizing issue. Was the only problem i really ever had with the truck but a little annoying when it seemed every year i was having to replace one.

Front caliper seized vehicle was pulling to the right as I drove and applied brakes. I simply replaced them myself.

My calipers are frozen. Replaced them 3 years ago @ 89000 miles

Front PSide Break Caliper seized.