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Honda Accord Bad rear hub/bearing unit

Honda Accord Problem
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Model Year Affected: 2010

Drive Train Affected: Automatic Transmission

Average Mileage: 33,520 mi (20,120 mi - 58,500 mi)

  • GabbyB, , Automatic Transmission, 33,700 mi

    Noise began 3 days ago - noticed when I started up a hill going out of subdivision. Low, droning noise, with some resistance and lag in acceleration. The noise isn't always present, but it appears when RPMs increase. Even my husband heard it yesterday and he's hard of hearing! I took it to my local Honda dealer today- where the car was purchased in 2010. They called to say that they couldn't replicate the noise, and could find nothing wrong. I'm glad they say nothing is needed, but I KNOW that the noise is real, and was even worse this morning.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 21,762 mi

    A steady growling/humming noise is now present @ 30 MPH and above from the rear. The rear wheel bearings are the issue. I first noticed a scallop of the right rear tire and what felt like a holding back upon acceleration. Finally the loud growling noise soon followed. I changed both rear sets and have reported this to NHTSA before someone ejects a rear wheel assembly at highway speeds.

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  • Visitor, , 20,120 mi

    I heard a hamming noise coming to the right rear wheel , I when to the dealership to have it fix under guarantee , they told me if the problem will notice they will cover , after the test drive with a mechanic , he said cant duplicate a noise , they did some wheel rolling test but they cant duplicate a noise , of course the two wheel in the front is not a issues , the sound is on the back , can hear more loud on the right rear, my guarantee will expires next month , so disappointed

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  • jimex, , Automatic Transmission, 58,500 mi

    When reaching approx. 30 mph a "roaring" sound started coming from the rear of the car. Turned out to be a bad right rear hub/bearing unit - which was covered under 60k mile warranty. There is a TSB 10-028 that has been issued.

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