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Honda Accord Vibration, Roughness, and Rattle Due to Damaged Engine Mounts

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Damaged engine mounts can lead to vibration and roughness felt in the steering wheel. A rattle in the dash and engine area may also be heard. Replacement of damaged mounts will commonly correct these issues.

Steering wheel vibrations when at idle but the vibrations gone once the car is moving. -
it only vibrates when it stops when is running doesnt. but my check engine light is on could that be doing that? -
The front motor mount has broken 4 times while we've owned this 1997 Honda Accord (from ~90k to 140k miles). Last replacement was about 3 months ago at which time the driver's side motor mount was also replaced and the car was taken to a dealership for an inspection of all the motor mounts. The dealer reported all motor mounts and drive axles were ok at that time (as a side note, both drive axles were replaced due to worn CV joints just after the 2nd motor mount replacement). Despite all our previous efforts, upon inspection yesterday we found the front motor mount is broken again. Is there a design problem with the front motor mount on this model Accord or is this a symptom of something amiss with this car? -
Bad vibration while car is idleing,major vibration in dash -
Rough rattling in steering wheel at idle only,once car is in motion it goes away. -
Had to replace side engine mount. Got it online at Amazon $50.00 three screws and jack up the engine slightly... all done. -
broken motor mounts.. Honda did not replace under warranty so took to another mechanic and had it done cheaper. NOT happy that they would not take care of since it is a known problem -
bad vibration while on highway. -
broken motor mounts and very little instructions on how to replace them on this particular model (LX) Accord. -
I had to replace the motor mount 3 times when I owned the car between 100k miles and 167k miles -
high vibration on the engine and steering wheel while driving at constant speed 100 -110 mph, as well as delay of acceleration and shifting gear 1st to 2nd. engine rough condition. -
Car was vibrating inside more than usual. Replaced Front engine mounts. Vibration went down. -
began shaking after sitting at a stop light and then began from from passenger side then began shaking across the dash board. gets bad when i am at the stop light -
Vibration from motor.problem is not fixed yet but investigating on this website for solution. -
Problem has probably been developing for a while (dash has had rattle and there has been a vibration- which I took the car in to correct- they didn't feel it- for a while) but diagnosed at 138,000 miles. Dealership wanted to replace 4 mounts at a cost of $1200.00 Trustworthy, talented, certified mechanic recommended by a friend found 2 mounts faulty, charged $356.00 to replace. I guess Honda has decided that their former good reputation is not worth keeping. Think I'm wrong? Search comsumer reviews 2015 CRV-very telling. -
I'm a college student replacing all 4 mounts...the 3rd is just finished one more -
Had to replace two mounts. Lasted until 193,000. Now I'm having to replace again. -
Engine mounts broken, stealing wheel shaking when pushing the brake. -
These have been replaced a few times already. A common defect for 2001 Accords. Nothing to do with my driving or non-dealer mechanics. -
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