Hesitation on Acceleration on Toyota Camry

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Cars equipped with an automatic transmission might experience a hesitation when accelerating. Revised software for the on board computer is available which may correct this problem. Software revisions are commonly most helpful on newer vehicles. once the mileage builds up a worn component could cause similar problems. Whenever major transmission work in performed, the transmission software should be updated as necessary.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 71,024 (1,000–230,000)
Drive Trains affected: AWD, Automatic Transmission, FWD, Manual Transmission
19 model years affected: 1990, 1996, 1999, 2000, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
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When accelerating at a stop light or when slowing down to make a turn, it hesitates when stepping on it to go. It will go about 5 - 10 feet and hesitate, just enough to make everyone behind you think you are going and they close behind you enough to almost hit you because they don't realize the care hesitates. It has happened more than 4 times. It is an accident waiting to happen.
When I step on the gas the car will not change gears to accelerate. The transmission will not shift and stays in the same gear and will not speed up.
I put my foot on the gas pedal, my car would go real slow (hesitate) then speed up. It has done this many times. At one point my car stopped (died) in traffic as I pulled out onto a busy street during rush hour. So I am taking it in tomorrow.
It is actually a 2013 Camry. Though it happens very infrequently recently it did it twice within 3 days. It seems to only happen shortly after starting and when you begin moving slowly and then begin to accelerate it hesitates just a bit before acceleration actually happens.
If you have this problem please go the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration web site at to report the problem. When accelerating from a stop the vehicle will sometimes move about 10 feet and then hesitate for about 1 to 2 seconds. It will then accelerate normally. One time the vehicle accelerated to about 20 mph and then the engine rpm returned to idle. The accelerator was pushed to the floor and the rpm remained at idle. The accelerator was released and pushed down again. The vehicle accelerated normally. This happened only one time. The intermittent hesitation is very dangerous when trying to cross a busy intersection when the cross traffic is uncontrolled. The vehicle was taken to the dealership for the problem. The technician could not duplicate the condition. The U760E torque converter shudder recall upgrade was performed. This did not fix the problem. The service advisor said that the technician said that some transmission hesitation was normal. The service advisor also said there had been other complaints about this condition. This condition is dangerous and not normal.
When first starting the car, it hesitates ever so slightly on acceleration. It seems to go away after the car runs for a while, but it is annoying that this occurs at all for such a new vehicle. I have not taken it in for repair, yet.
After stop, engine would rev when pressing gas pedal, but transmission would not engage in forward or reverse. Finally transmision engaged in forward after about i1 minute.
Brand new off the lot 2014.5 Camry & it hesitates when you go to push the accelerator. The service tech drove it & said he was unfamiliar with the new eco system but it was probably just learning my driving methods. It has never stopped & after another person drove it & felt the same thing I knew it was a problem.
Transmission would shift sluggish and sometimes stick in gear until high rpm's then suddenly drop to normal rpm level in next gear. Computer update solved the problem in one visit to dealer.
vehicle slows down when accelerating. it will do this at take off, turning or beginning acceleration. i do not trust this vehicle when pulling out or for fast acceleration because of this problem. very annoying. i will not buy another camry because of this.
2014.5 Camry LE will sometimes (not all the time) not respond for about 1 second when starting from a dead stop or going very slowly, then will take off normally. Very dangerous when trying to cross a lane when pulling out from a parking lot. Have reported it to the garage twice but still does it. Once they said they test drove it and all was ok and once they reset the transmission with their computer. Still have the same problem.
It makes a rattling noise when it starts and the steering is a little hard. It also hesitates when it accelerates