Automatic Transmission May Fail Prematurely on Acura TL

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Automatic transmission problems are common and these transmissions have high failure rates.  Acura has voluntarily extended the warranty on many of its automatic transmissions, so be sure to check with an Acura dealership to confirm warranty coverage.

Automatic Transmission May Fail Prematurely

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 129,533 (61,810–215,000)
Drive Train affected: Automatic Transmission
7 model years affected: 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2006, 2007
29 people reported this problem
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Trans just stopped working. No indications that something was wrong!
The engine light came on recently, about a month ago. I took it to a family member mechanic and he said that he all he could tell was that my transmission fluid was dirty. He said the transmission seem to get stick around the 3rd gear or something like that... He drained the transmission fluid and refilled it and the light went off. My brother has a 2007 TL type-s and his transmission went out at around 120k miles and his car broke down while he was driving... Transmission burned or something and had to replace his entire engine ($2500). Is there a fix from Acura or am I on my own?
Transmission started slipping and then died. Dealership wants $7,200 to replace it for parts and labor!
Dealer replaced transmission at 50% of cost since it was out of warranty
I haven't fixed it I can't afford the damn thing, Acura should replace all these garbage heaps. They knew about this in 2000 and it still happening in 2004, maybe you should look into changing your transmission to a different kind of transmission since this one doesn't seem to be working! But you know that's how it goes, because this just wouldn't be the United States of America if people were not being ripped off by corporations.
Car maintenance was superb. One week after scheduled oil change and diagnostic the trans went dead. Dealership offer to replace for ONLY $5000.
bought the vehicle used, not much history known. looking to learn. has a shift issue when warm. done some search on known issues. find it may be a pressure switch on trans mission.
The car will hesitate in first gear and not shift into second. It also jults when it does decide to shift into a gear unless pushed all the way. I have not fixed yet.
acura replaced the transmission, flushed cooler and aligned
Transmission has gone out. I'm having a very hard time finding a replacement transmission. Every one that I find for my make and model ends up being the incorrect transmission.
The transmission started slipping from 2nd to 3rd on my way home from work on a Monday night. On Tuesday morning it was working fine for about 15 miles - then it started slipping again. Tuesday afternoon I took it to a transmission shop and they checked the fluid and test drove it. They wanted me to bring it in Wednesday morning so they could hook it up to their computer. On my way home the problem became worse - revving up to the red before shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Wednesday morning on my way to drop it off there was no problem until after about 20 miles. The transmission shop did their tests and research - found out that this is a VERY COMMON problem for Acura. Acura will not help with the $2400 repair cost. This will not happen to me again because I will not buy another Honda/Acura again!!!
Transmission shifts to "M" mode on its own and gets stuck in lower gears slowing the vehicle.
Suddenly would not shift to 2nd gear