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Automatic Transmission May Fail on Acura CL

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The Acura 3.2CL may develop issues with the automatic transmission.

Rough shifting may occur, and the “D4” light and check engine may begin to blink. The check engine light will also illuminate, and OBD trouble codes P0700, P0730, P0740, P0780, P1768 and/or P1768 will be stored in the computer.

If the transmission shifts roughly, the failure is very likely mechanical failure of the transmission. If the transmission performs normally, a faulty sensor, or dirty transmission fluid may be the case.

In most cases, it is necessary to use professional diagnostic equipment to provide a diagnosis, and complete the repair.

The longevity of the transmission is dependent on strict adherence to the manufacturer's recommendation for ATF replacement intervals and procedure.

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Acura CL Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 132,666 (45,000–233,052)
Drive Train affected: Automatic Transmission
6 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, more2002, 2003
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Transmission slips to 2nd gear on highway, slamming the car forward. After this happens, the car will not go into gear until it cools down.
I put it in gear and it does nothing. Or I'll be fine then its doesn't seem to be I hear any more. Shut off waited a while and drove home fine.
Clunky shift from first to second gear at normal start up speed...not as bad at a very low speed. Like this the day I bought it. Took back to dealer and dealer said "all is normal". Has gotten worse over the years, now at 42,000 miles.
Reverse,first,second gear work but when in third the car downshifts to second.
Problem has not been fixed yet,they want over $4000.00 to repair an apparent factory defect problem that" acura has known about"and failed to disclose at time of purchase" along with the fact that the" car has allready been recalled a few years ago for trans problems" and ther has been legal litigation allready over the trans in these cars.We have had car for a short period and transmission goes out(come on I thought this was the top of the line car for honda witch dosnt say much for honda),with a littel over 100,000miles on it and we have put less than 10 thousand miles on car and allready major break down along with SRS light coming on for no reason.Had we been made aware of car having history of recall's trans problems ext.We would have never purchased the car.Apparentley there has been some kind of recall due to saftey issues when trans.Failures could and almost did create major acciedent along with not knowing if your air bags work or not.Trans appears to start with your tire's getting louder & louder (we replaced them thinking this would cure the problem) no such luck, then you get an occasional slip of the trans making you think just did not get in gear all the way or you were hydroplaining,then the car will start letting rpm,s go up with very littel pulling power you could stop on the side of the road cut key off start right back up imediatley and it would run like new.then it finally gets to the point it wont move period-NOW YOU HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS-TOW TRUCK GARAGE BILL AND FINALY HAVING TO REPLACE TRANS at over $4grand times like now with economey like it is who can realy afford to fix it with out going further in debt,now you have 2 car payments.
Utter Trans Failure. Typical for these. Had new tranny and ECU put in and tranny has been fine and car has 129K as of this writing.
Not fixed. Just parked it for. It works fine when I 1st start and go, however after a little while everything gives out. Like it works when it's cold and when warms up a little it frees up...and all I can hear is me raving the engine. Pull n it allow me to go forward in 2nd but it give a little gives out again. It doesn't does fine. Changed the solenoids but touched the pressure switch on tranny. Changing the solenoids seemed help...but failed soon after.
I have the same problem - runs for a minute or so, then when it gets to 3rd gear it slips and violently down shifts and then cant speed back up due to slipping... what is the solution
Transmission rebuilt., after it slipped constantly. Still slips in low gear to neutral.
i ended having tranny problems as well, but i got transmission didnt start acting up until 206000 miles......i didnt fall under the warranty period so i had to pay to get it fixed.....the dealer wanted to close to $3000 but i ended up going to a mechanic and paid $4000 and that included a timing belt/water pump change so i think it was worth it. im @ 233000 miles now no recurring problems as of yet on the new transmission. Now i need a new oil pump, i cant complain the car has treated me well for the last 9 years, so i bought another one in August 2010, the new TL.
Transmission is in process of going Kaput but after 10+years of no problems. oh well cant pay $4k to get it replaced however
Bought a used Acura CL 3.2 from a non-profit. The car wad donated to them, and the donor didnt mention about tranny problems. I used it for two weeks and then tranny slips. I am not using it anymore as I dont want to get stuck in the highway again.
Auto Transmission skips at 30-40 mph. Was told by Acura dealer to delay bringing it in until it happens regularly so it may be experienced by them. I have not brought it to them as of yet.