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Check Engine and D4 Lights Flashing on Acura TL

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The 1998-2014 Acura TL V6 may develop issues with the automatic transmission.

Rough shifting may occur, and the “D4” light and check engine may begin to blink. The check engine light will also illuminate, and OBD trouble codes P0700, P0730, P0740, P0780, P1768 and/or P1768 will be stored in the computer.

If the transmission shifts roughly, the failure is very likely mechanical failure of the transmission. If the transmission performs normally, a faulty sensor, or dirty transmission fluid may be the case.

In most cases, it is necessary to use professional diagnostic equipment to provide a diagnosis, and complete the repair.

The longevity of the transmission is dependent on strict adherence to the manufacturer's recommendation for ATF replacement intervals and procedure.

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Acura TL Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 117,165 (1,000–327,000)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission
17 model years affected: 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
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while drivin in the city for about 30mins my car will start to jerk to get into 1st and 2nd its a hard kick back and when it does catch my tires squeel dont no whats wrong with it i let it sit for a while then its fine again.anyone have any ideas on what it might be.
from highway speed when car slows down, it down shift itself from 4th gear to 2nd causing a slamming-on-brakes-feel.
At about 120K my TL would just neutral out when shifting between 1st and 2nd gear. The car is 13 years old, so I don't feel like investing money in a new transmission would be a smart move. One trick I learned is to move it over to smack shift and you can get it to jump from 1st to 3rd. Once the car is over 45 mph the transmission is fine. The odd thing is some days the car just shifts like a dream. Seems to shift good when the temp outside is around 50 anthing warmer or colder and it's back to it's usual problems!
The Tranny slip out of gear when I was in middle of traffic tried to engage it back to D no luck. Also no response to any gear. No check engine light ... The car will engage back into gear when I restart the car after 5 mins. IMO probably either the torque Converter is bad or the clutch packs gave out... Either way Spoke to my mechanic and told me to rebuilt it. still waiting for an answer.. Also install a aftermarket Transmission cooler + better transmission fluids would be wise for 2000-2008 TL base models. Dont use the OEM DW-1 or Z1 !!!
bought car brand new from acura dealership..babied and well cared for car is mint!..all maintenance done per acura dealers transmission say needs replacement..63k are you kidding me?? we'll see if the powertrain warranty takes care of this..update to follow...
At 40 mph when going into 4th gear feels like you are running over rumble strips. Only happens after car warms up. Was told by dealer that they would replace with new or rebuilt transmission. Cost of up to $5,100.00. Would think a $34K Acura TL transmission would last longer than that!
Transmission issues and check engine light stays lit...There was a recall, and I wondering if I can get it diagnosed and repaired for free
Around 20 mph and just before shifting into 2nd gear the car starts "jiggle"
My transmission "jiggles" or "bobbles" in and around 20 mph somewhere between first and second gear.
While driving freeway speeds, the check engine light and VSA lights illuminated, and car became sluggish. Nursed car on surface streets 20 miles to dealer. Extremely slow acceleration and would not shift to higher gears. Max speed about 60 mph at tach reading of 4000 rpm. Awaiting call from dealer on diagnosis.
The transmission malfunctioned and needed to be replaced. I was pleasantly surprised when the dealer agreed to replace it at no charge even when it was out of warranty.
Erratic shifting; loses power when driving. Diagnosis is transmission is shot. Solution is new transmission needed.
Automatic Transmission failed while driving on the highway. Needs to be completely replaced
My TL started slipping gears and almost immediately the check engine light came on. I took it to my mechanic and he said the torque converter, which relates to the transmission I guess, needs to be replaced. He quoted me about $2000 to fix it. I don't know if I will fix it or trade it in. This is my second TL and the first one had the transmission replaced twice under warranty. No more Acuras for me!
Transmission skips gears and eventually gives out. This seems to be a known problem for Acura/Honda of this year
My car started slipping out of and between gears on the highway during rush hour traffic. Fortunately, I was able to coast to the side of the road for towing - obvious transmission issue. Acura dealer agreed after inspection/diagnosis and wanted $3800 to fix. No thanks, not on a car with TWO transmission recalls!!
Transmission downshifts between 2nd and 3rd gear,slows car momentum to almost a stop. After 5 vists to dealerships, finally admitted it was annoying, but within Acura Specs. I was told they replaced transmission out of goodwill. Does not operate like new transmission. Car very sluggish when accelerating, climbing hills and start from stop. Problem has not been resolved downshifting not as pronounced. Test drove a couple cars with 37,000. They definitely drove better than my 27,000 mile TL. I had a 2004 that I loved. I hate to drive my 2008.