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The Amber Front Parking Light Lens May Crack on Toyota Tacoma

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The amber front running lights, located in the head light assembly may melt or crack their lens. The correction at this time is to replace the head light assembly.

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Toyota Tacoma Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 56,077 (6,120–142,520)
6 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011
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On both the headlights, the amber running light (daytime running lights or 'parking lights') melted, burned and cracked the plastic lens directly in front of them. I took my 09 Tacoma to the dealer to have them check this out. The Toyota service assistant told me this is not covered under the extended warranty I purchased through the dealer and would not be covered by them since my basic warranty was expired (By one month!). To replace both headlamp assemblies will cost a little over $1,100. I've paid less than that for an entire vehicle before. I asked if I would get my money back once this became a recall item. He indicated that I would as long as I retained my receipt(s). He also indicated that if I did have the work done it would most likely not happen again because they re-engineered the replacement lenses. So, obviously Toyota is aware there is a significant problem. They just need to step up and do the right thing by taking responsibility for their defective parts. That's the whole reason I wanted to purchase a Toyota over any other truck...because they HAD the reputation (in my mind) of selling the most reliable vehicles in the market. I hope this doesn't signify a downward trend for their vehicle quality.
Observed both sides amber running light lens cracked over a year ago and put it off taking it to the dealer thinking it would be covered under my extended warranty. Took it to the dealer and found out I missed out on the 3 year warranty and my extended warranty would not cover it. This should be a recall item because it is a safety issue.
Both lenses melted, passenger side cracked and melted! Reported to Toyota, no response yet. Barely 3 years old. 5th Toyota, NEVER had this, this is a defect and a fire hazard.
Appears a universal problem and uncharacteristic of Toyota not to take care of a problem like this... For the first time in a long time, I'm looking at a Ford.... They may have similar problems with their trucks, but they seem much more interested in taking care of problems that are global in nature as this problem is.
Plastic part of amber headlight cracked and melted onto bulb. Toyota will only conver under 3 years or 36,000 miles. Looks like my third Toyota will be my last.
HEADLIGHT LENS cracked on passenger side. Obvious that it is on the inside. Dealer said they had never seen this and dismissed it. Said I had to 'hit' something. After reading this blog I will go back at Toyota to repair it.
I got my tacoma about 2 years ago its a 2009 I seen the lights ask dealer about it their words "all the 2009s are doing that and their should be a recall on them but were are not fixing it cuz it will just do the same thing call toyota HQ maybe they will help" so i called toyota HQ and told them about it and that i felt that it may cach on fire and that the dealer said they all were doing it so what did they tell me "their is nothing we can do for you if you fell like they may cach on fire and they are that bad why havent you fixed it their is nothing toyota will do for you at this time" and. it has goten worse over the past year. im sorry but i gave over 20000 for a used truck and. the lights mealting. the lens is somthing toyota should fix. i mean every 2009 i have seen is doing it i dont know what ealse to do or were to report but this is worng and people should call them everday and band together and make them do somthing lol and i ask what to do when the lights cach fire the lady said "call the fire dpt this is the 2nd toyota truxk i have had my other 1994 has 240000 ml still running no prob the time i have had it. so F U corp toyota and fix your F UP
Have discovered a crack in both headlights. Both are directly in front of the daytime running lights and right side also has a crack in front of the headlight. I was told that my bumper to bumper warranty will no longer cover. The cost of parts and labor was going to be over $900. I told the dealer that was ridiculous so they came back and said would I be willing to pay $100 for everything. It was much better but I think Toyota should eat this. For the price I paid for the truck new and 2 years old the lights should not be cracked. Obviously there's a problem with multiple complaints here. I am calling Toyota directly to see what they will do.
Same problem - second pair of lights. This really sucks !!! Both pairs melted. This has really been a good truck, but Toyota dropped the ball on these head lights. I guess I will buy third party LED lights. I saw some on the internet for $234.00 each. I think Toyota should fix this problem, but its clear that this is not going to happen. Good luck !!!!!
Amber light burned with 10k miles. Dealer replaced them. Now, same problem again dealer says is out of warranty.
Lens is melted directly in font of the amber running light bulb. Not fixed yet, I drive with head lamps on to keep the running lights from damaging the lenses any more.
First year I had it 2009(new) took it to service department they said never seen it before and I would have to fix it myself. I have not fixed the lens, I think it should be a recall. Shame on you TOYOTA!