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First incident: 7/18/2011 & 70546 mileage : alternator shorted out at 65 mph on interstate 287 resulting in extreme power loss, very hard steering and difficult, unsafe vehicle control which finally ended in complete loss of power. Car towed to dealer which diagnosed an undetected oil leak from the valve cover dripped into alternator causing it to short out. Valve gasket was changed and alternator replaced. Second incident 6/26/2014 & 110,846 mileage: Same scenario, alternator shorted out resulting in extreme power loss, very hard steering and difficult, unsafe vehicle control which diagnosed an undetected oil leak from the valve cover dripped into the alternator causing it to short out. Valve gasket was changed and alternator replaced a second time. The dealer says i should have noticed the Leak $880.00. There is no fix for this other than replacing valve cover gasket and alternator when it happens again. This cannot be detected by dealer visual inspection prior to failure. This is very unsafe. I have all maintenance done at the dealership I purchased the car at according to the maintenance schedule and the dealer recommendations. This should require a recall before someone gets hurts in an accident.
- Oakland, NJ, USA

I have had my alternator replaced 3 times from leaky oil gasket. 1st time covered under 100,000 mile warranty, 2nd time covered by extended warranty only 6 months later, 3rd time under recall and now less than 60 days later needing to be replaced again. 2nd time it happened i was driving 45 miles per hour on a busy road when the car turned off on us (3 children) in the back seat. luckily people swerved around us and we weren't involved in an accident.So far Hyundai has not done anything to rectify this except "fixing" the problem which isn't fixing anything!

alternator goes bad, lights flashing, no power to the car

We have had the VeraCruz since 12/07, today we replaced the third alternator and battery. Solution=replace with another junk Hyundai alternator.

The alternator was replaced 3 times already. Under warranty or recall. After seal replacement the car is extremely noisy, rpm is all over the place, no power to accelerate. Love the vehicle, hate the dealership. After every single repair, I have to go back a couple weeks later for further adjustment. Crazy.

New battery, a month ago now totally dead
No dash lights nothing

2007 Hyundai Veracruz. 135k and this is 5th time battery has died. This time lucky that car stalled in driveway. Previous incidents have been on road when car loses all power and dies. All towed back to local Hyundai dealer that has performed all service on the car. Last new battery and alternator 6 months ago. Total 3 alternators and three batteries so far. Some under warranty but 6 months ago they were taking care of the valve cover gasket leak onto alternator and said there was no evidence of oil on the alternator so had to pay for the alternator since car passed 100k. Now car has been at Hyundai dealer for 1 day and they cannot find parasitic battery drain.

The recall was supposedly repaired, but a year and a half later- same problem.

Cars battery light is on when you push excelerator pedal to floor light goes out when i let off rpm drops light comes back on battery looses volts and then will not down shift. Etc either bad alternator or battery i was told there is a recall 435-850-0012 thanks

While driving on the highway, my interior and dash lights started flashing. I immediately knew there was a problem and was able to move to the side of the road. Once I put the car in park, it stalled out and I could not start it again. The vehicle was towed 30 miles to where I purchased it and they replaced the alternator. Three months later, the battery died and I went to the auto store to purchase a new one.

Battery light goes on. Immediately try to get off highway and head to dealer. All warning lights start blinking. Radio goes off. Door locks start opening and closing. Lose power steering and braking. Luckily I was able to pull to the side of the highway. This is a RECALL 121. Oil from the gasket leaks onto the alternator. There recall is very new. Make sure anyone who paid for a gasket and alternator contacts Hyundai. They are very accommodating in trying to help with this "new" recall.

I have same problem that the battery and alternator lose their power. I owed this car since 2007 and I replaced battery and alternator 3times already. Dealer shop tech cannot detect any problem, but the leak electricity. today I went to Pepboys and they told me that I need to change the whole gasket system to prevent the oil leak on top of alternator. But there was no oil leaking mark from my car. I parked in garage and never found any oil mark. I think change the gasket is not the right answer.

Faulty alternator. We've had our car for just over 5 years and this will be the third time being stranded due to alternator failure.

The only solution so far has been to replace the alternator.

I first thought it was the battery and replaced it. Problem continued with the dash lights flashing when rounding a corner or coasting. I Hyundai had it towed to the dealer to learn that it needed an alternator ( not covered by the warranty) $750.00. Also replacing a valve (covered by the warranty) Seems like a high price, but I need my car. Otherwise have had no problems since purchasing it used in 2011.