Check Engine Light With no Drivablity Issue on Volkswagen Cabrio

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because of evaporative (EVAP) emission failures and/or intake manifold vacuum leaks.

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Average mileage: 108,152 (69,000–234,526)
4 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
17 people reported this problem
6 people shared problem details
check engine light come on and code reader says it's a large evap problem. Can't find out what needs to be done with it.
This is my second 2002 VW Cabrio, and when the problem appeared on the first car, I was far more concerned. The Check Engine code P1582 is apparently (somewhat)common with the model, and is related to a "fuel pressure" sensor that has gone bad. That COULD indicate a fuel leak, but more than likely just involves replacing the sensor if everything tests out okay. Not that I recommend it for everyone, but I bought a OBDC-II reader rather than dealing with this issue immediately. That way, I know if OTHER diagnostic codes appear, and I can clear the annoying false-positive indicator. Your mileage may vary!
light still comes after fullservice done
secondary air pump failed causing CEL to come on and fial emmisions test
My check engine light has been turning on and off for four years now. I have no idea why except for the fact that it's on more often in hot weather, and off more often in cooler weather. There are no other driveability issues, however.
3 years ago I have had the same problem with the oil light & beeping noise and it turned out to be my transmission fluid was low. Lately after 3 years it happened again & forgetting I took it to the shop & they claimed it was an oil leak. They claimed to have changed a whole mess of things $500.00 worth of problems yet the light & beeping noise still sporadically came on. I finally remembered that 3yrs previously I only added transmission fluid so I tried that again to find, that there is a leak in the transmission. Hopefully It won't be too costly & this will solve the issue.
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