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Air flow sensor may fail at higher mileages on Toyota 4Runner

Problem Description and Possible Solution

At higher mileages (125,000+) the Mass Air Flow Sensor may cause the vehicle to idle rough, run rich and even stall. Our technicians recommended to replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor with a factory unit because the aftermarket units have very mixed results.
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Toyota 4Runner Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 214,281 (168,563–260,000)
Engine affected: 3.0L V6
6 model years affected: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, more1996, 1997
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Hi I just did my heads on my toyota now when i start my toyota it hesitages to start when it starts black smoke coming out of tail pipe with gas smell and when i try to accelerate it makes a back fire coming out of the mass air flow sensor and wont accelarete. pleace help ive spend to much money on it difrent mechanics did my fuel ingectors not the problem did mofler not the problem .
Well mine is pretty much doing this I just got the heads and gaskets rebuilt. A few macs all told me it sounds like a cinser gone out. But yes u crank it it blows out a lil black smoke like its getting to much gas Like it's missing real bad but when u hit the gas it sounds fine u left off it dies. Can somebody please give me some pointers. I love my truck But damn I've put enph money in it
Runs like new until the engine warms up then starts missing and backfiring. I can actually turn the ignition off then back on and it trys to clear it up but comes right back. I can smell almost stale gas when it starts missing and backfiring. Haven't had a chance to put a code reader on it because I can't find anyone who has one for the year of my truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Redfish48