Buick Rainier Problem Report

Buick Rainier Air Conditioning only blows out the bottom ventts

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I had a new battery installed and since the air condition only blows out on my feet. I have heard that this is has been an issue with several owners. Have you run across this and any ideas how to fix it? (Fuses have been checked, and the battery has been disconnected and reinstalled) -
My heating and A/C only blows out of the floor and top vents. Does not blow out of front vents. When the heat is on the vents become cold and warm. -
My air and heat only blows out the floor and windshield vents ...my front vents don't blow -
Heat and Air conditioning only bloe thru the floor vents and defroster, not thru dash vents! Totally sucks! Haven't found anyone that can figure it out! I'm bummed! -
After battery went dead and new one was installed, only heat came out driver side even when air conditioner on. Also dashboard vents not working. Not fixed yet, shop still trying to figure out what the problem is. -
Changed my battery and now the air condition will not blow through top vents. -
A/C only blows out the Defroster vent or the floor vent. -
had new battery installed now the air only blows out the bottom vents and rear vent. have not taken to shop yet. -
Upper air was erratic then went out and only lower air would work. Was very expensive to get fixed. -
same as described... haven t fixed it yet -
Front air vents only work if AC is on when car starts. Otherwise they will only blow out of bottom when I turn on the AC after it's started. The solution right now is ridiculous like everything else with this car.... Get to a red light, turn off the car and restart - it works at this point :) -
Take notice General Motors: I have had more problems with my 2006 Buick Rainier than any vehicle that I have ever owned, not only the A/C system blower but the cruise control, window master switch (recall), broken outside door handles, and a bad wiper motor. I have been a loyal GM owner for years but my next vehicle purchase will not be a GM product. -
air only comes out of the drivers side, heat comes out on the passenger side -
Air circulates through vents on the top of the dash, the sides of the dash facing the side windows and the floor, but does not come through the vents in the front of the dash facing the front seats. -
Had my fuel sensor replaced (battery was disconnected) now A/C blows hot air out of the passenger side. 1/21/15 -
not fixed yet -
same problem no air out of upper vents -
Lower and upper vents work together. Doesn't change when mode button is pushed. Everything else's works fine. It all seems to be electronic. No vacuum. -
Air will not blow in face only feet or defrost. Nothing but little problems with this car, over and over again! All door handles have broken, cheap plastic I wonder why! Back air bags lose air and the back end sags. Constant money! Going back to a Ford! No more Government Motors for me. Shame Buick used to be a high quality car.... No more! -
Battery died and now air only blows out of the defrost and floor vents. -
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