Rear Suspension Low Due to Failed Air Compressor on Buick Rainier

On vehicles equipped with rear air springs, the air compressor may fail causing the rear suspension to sit low.

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Average mileage: 104,395 (10,000–196,572)
4 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
295 people reported this problem
181 people shared problem details
2004 Buick Rainier146,000
Looks like I will have to having mine replaced because the back is sagging badly. Does anyone know how much this cost?
2006 Buick Rainier80,000
2004 Buick Rainier108,000
Went to leave work one day and the tailend of my car was almost sitting on the ground. When I crank the car up you can actually hear the air compressor come on and it pumps the car right back up. It didn't happen again for several weeks but now it is starting to happen more often but still very random.
Air Ride & Electrical Issues! My wife loves this vehicle and it was trouble free until recently. As other posts state, the rear of the Rainier will sit down if not driven for a couple days. I suspect a slow leak in a line or fitting and a liberal application of 'Snoop' may identify it... have yet to find the gumption to get under the vehicle. Also, the electical issues have started. First the A/C controls malfunctioned and where replaced, and now the guage cluster is giving erroneous readings - or none at all. The speed reads low or 0, the oil pressure pegs high, and the gas level is questionable. So far the digital 'miles to empty' idication has remained functional. If anyone knows of a recall or a way to get GM to recognize this as their problem, please let me know.
2005 Buick Rainier74,000
Just another major problem that needs to be fixed. Did GM plan for all their systems to fail or should this whole model be recalled as a lemon!
2004 Buick Rainier125,000
Every 2 or 3 days my car will have sagged overnight, sometimes it will raise once I start the ignition and other times it will stay sagging for the entire day. It is very irritating because the truck will drive so raggedy.
2004 Buick Rainier125,000
Everytime I turn my Rainier off the rear suspension system leaks air and the back of my truck lowers all the way to the ground. Cannot drive it like that and more and more often it takes longer and longer before it will rise back up. Havent had it repaired and afraid to get estimate. Unemployed and income very limited. HELP!!!!
2004 Buick Rainier125,000
Rear end of SUV keeps dropping and upon a restart will lift up, only to fall while driving.
2005 Buick Rainier123,000
My air ride compressor went out, wish they made a way you could manually air up til repair.
2004 Buick Rainier36,000
Haven't fixed it yet. In fact I only recently became aware that the air compressor was not coming on when I started the car. (The compressor does activate when I turn it on to use it as a tire inflater.)
Feels like I'm riding a roller coaster, and I can't drive up anything too steep because bottom scrapes. Seemed like it went down and then never came back up
2006 Buick Rainier93,000
My rear compressor went out. I haven't had it fixed yet since it's going to be 875$ any suggestions...if people are having this issue why isn't it a recall?
2004 Buick Rainier92,000
ive had the same problems out of my vehicle and im shock that buick and or gm have not owned up to their defects. however when the vehicle is working properly its a beautiful ride. First you have the wiring harness failure then the rear suspension, the ac blows strong depending on how fast you are going and the rear lights goes on and off when they want too. Im thinking about filing a lawsuit against gm for not owning up to their consisting failure with this buick rainier. Do i have anyone willing to join me in my quest?
2007 Buick Rainier100,020
The same issues as the others. Almost every night the rear end lowers but then raises when the engine is started. Once a few weeks ago, we picked up family from the airport and the extra rear passengers and luggage the rear end lowered while driving and we had to go very slow because there was no suspension.
2005 Buick Rainier115,000
My 05 Buick Rainier takes spells of sagging in the rear end. Sometimes it will go for days without sagging and then it will drop at random drop within a few hours. This leads me to believe it is a valving issue in the compressor. If it was a faulty shock, it would do it all the time. Many are told that the shocks are the problem, but after replacing them, it happens again. It happens to randomly to be a permanent leak in a shock. Gm should fess up and recall these compressor's because over time the valving gets sticky or corroded and does not work properly. Many dealers have scammed people into replacing the entire rear suspension because of this and that is wrong. Come on GM, man-up and fix the problem.
2004 Buick Rainier110,000
Having rear air bags replaced with a coil spring conversion kit. No more problems.
2005 Buick Rainier130,000
leaking air bags in rear and compressor sometimes does not work in cold weather.
2006 Buick Rainier115,000
every time we shut car off, the air system deflates. when you start the car you have to wait for the air system to inflate, or you fell every bump in the road, the ride is terrible. have not looked at it yet, not sure what the problem is.
2004 Buick Rainier104,000
the back end of the vehicle sits low upon parking and bumps back up when i warm it up
2004 Buick Rainier130,000
Back end is really low to the ground rises when it wants to.
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