Rear Suspension Low Due to Failed Air Compressor on Oldsmobile Bravada

On vehicles equipped with rear air springs, the air compressor may fail causing the rear suspension to sit low.

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Average mileage: 128,304 (13,000–234,000)
3 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004
52 people reported this problem
27 people shared problem details
My suspension is sitting low in the back and my car is really bouncy.
The rear end drops on the tires and if you start the car it will rise but then by the end of the day it drops (like a low rider cars)
I have the same problem. The rear goes down from time to time. When riding down the road I can feel the back getting low. When it does, the ride is very bouncy and very uncomfortable. When I stop and turn off the engine for a few minutes the back rises up again and the ride is smooth sailing. The air compressor for the rear may go out for a few days or I may not have that problem again for a few days or even weeks. Its very frustrating!!!!
removed airbags and replaced with springs
rear suspence air ride compressor failed. The rear of the vehicle droped down.
I have the same problem, should I worry about getting it fixed right away?
deflates when sitting and engine turned off. Inflates within about 20 seconds of starting engine.
Rear suspension went out, and now sags to the ground making for a terrible drive.
Yes I have also had this problem. I have replace the rear passanger punp and now am having problems with the rear driver side.
I bought my 2002 Bravada from an auction here in Indy sometime in September 2014, and it was fine when I test drove it. It started right up and I didn't even notice it was a rear air ride suspension because it didn't have to take any time to air up or give me any problems on the test drive. I guess I would have to say my problems didn't start until around November 2014 (just about 2 months after I got it) when I had to load it up with all my daughter's things to move her back home from a neighboring state. We had a lot of clothes and things to move back but I don't believe it should have been enough to do any type of damage to my vehicle. But anyways, we had to stop not even a mile down the road from where I picked her up because I noticed we were starting to bounce around.
at times it sits low. I haven't figured out when it raises and when it lowers.
compressor went out quote to fix 800.00
Thomas Buick is charging 800-1500 to fix.. quite angry considering I haven't had this car for a year yet
air compressor out. Back end sits low, almost on tires. thinking of putting springs in instead. I really love this car and this is the first expensive problems I've had.
The compressor stopped working and caused my car to sag in the rear. I've put so much money into this car that I can't even fix that problem right now. Have to park it and maybe burn it up
Sometimes when car is parked, the car sits so low that the rear end is lower than the front. Looks terrible. Cannot afford to fix it.
It started right when I started to buy it and first time I drove it. I am buying used.
Had to replace both rear air baffles and the compressor for a cost of $4,000 Not happy. It still isn't operating properly
needed new compressor
My air lifts in the back fail while driving. My tires rub. I was stuck on the interstate for 20 minutes and eventually I drove home and parked it. This is definitely not safe at all.
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