AC/H and dash Electrical Problems on Buick Rendezvous

Problem Data
Average mileage: 242,245 (35,600–2,002,000)
5 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, more2007
28 people reported this problem
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My local dealer service has been trying to fix this problem for over six months: AC/H does on and off. Either it will not turn on when I start the car and then (sometimes) it will come on when I hit a bump. Or, it will come on when I start the engine, and turn off when I hit a bump.

I am only a university literature professor, but that seems like an electrical wiring short or loose connection to me. So far, the electric techs have changed fuses, changed out fuse boxes, changed controllers on blowers, and the problem is still there. Certain lights on the dash (i.e., oil/engine warning lights, A/C lights, etc.) come on erratically, but now the techs say they can't find or replicate the condition.

What do I do now?!
Dash board lights going crazy and every time I hit a bump the radio comes on and off the gas gauge does not work. Really the dash board does not work.
The AC will not blow any air out. Fuses good, dash control panel and plugs good, checking on the actuators next. A few months ago the AC would stop working out of nowhere. I would mess with the dials and it would eventually come back on. It will not come on now and blow air.
dash and random electrical problems windows an locks, air, fuel gauges etc, just bought; took back to dealer, they have had it for two weeks they say its the computer its bad and have sent it out to be rebuilt....its crazy i'm sick of waiting for it just excuses why its not ready.....says its a special edition and difficult to find new computer. but i think they just don't want to buy me a new computer! frustrated!!!!!
if I am able to start my car while driving my dash lights and all the electrical Flickr and make a sound like a CD is stuck and then like almost all out
car lights going out while driving at night dash lights going out or dimming sometimes when hitting bumps will cause this to happen
heat/ac will turn on by itself on high, while it is turned off. This happens when the car is turning, hits a bump and while the car is turned off with out a key in the ignition. My battery has to be jumped off every 4 to 5 days because this problem is draining my battery.