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Abnormal Noise or Damage to AC Compressor on Jeep Patriot

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A rattle type noise may be noted from the AC compressor or the compressor could be damaged due to "slugging" of the refrigerant. The compressor may require replacement to correct this concern. If the compressor is replaced an updated condenser may also be required.

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Jeep Patriot Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 79,345 (45,000–130,000)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012
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Recently started hearing a rattle under hood, changed out a few pulleys and nothing changed. Took the vehicle to a few mechanics, two of them said it was the ac compressor. Other simply said it was a pulley on the engine, but we had already changed those. With inspections, the compressor was not disengaging when the ac is turned off. So basically the compressor runs non-stop when the vehicle is on causing me to lose power and have low gas mileage. I was told to get this changed out as soon as possible because if it locks up more it will burn the belt off causing more damage to the components under the hood. So now the hunt begins on finding the right price for replacement and the mechanic with ac gauges to do the repair.
I was just driving my jeep one day and all of a sudden the A/C cut out, also, the warranty, which I believe covered compressors just went out I remember, and the car was basically brand-new/used. Just saw this, need to get it fixed, any help about how to get it fixed since it's a manufacturer problem would be greatly appreciated!

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Rattling noise understand hood..... Closer inspección revealed noise coming from AC compressor.
2010 patriot 88,000 miles. Took veichle to mechanic for rattleing noise and whine. Had him replace serpentine belt and tension pulley with no change in problem, he traced to the ac unit and said compressor replacement is needed.
Just found out the ac compressor is going out. I have to keep driving it until it locks up. I found out this is a common problem and Chrysler has no replacement for six months. The aftermarket compressor is $900 and is not guaranteed to last long. No more Chrysler vehicles for me.
Noise started under hood. Brought to a mechanic who changed several parts before finding out it was the AC compressor. Replaced the AC compressor. Not even a year later the AC compressor went again. Expensive repairs.